When will MailerLite have Subscriber Tagging? (updated)

May 30, 2017

Updated on July 12, 2017

We decided to keep the Groups and not to rename them to Tags.

Thanks for all your feedback! It really helped us to better understand how you work and what you need. It’s perfectly clear now.

First of all, based on your responses we built the Link Trigger in Automations.

Secondly, we decided to keep the Groups. It seems that renaming it to Tags would only confuse most of you and actually it wouldn’t bring any change or value.

Now we continue working on the New Segments that would work on top of the Groups, not inside them as before. The New Segments will have more rules and conditions and will give you more power when filtering your subscribers.

Subscriber Filter and New Segments

We built an amazing real-time subscriber filter.

Subscriber Filter

You will be able to add filter conditions based on:

  • Groups (belongs to all, doesn’t belong to all, belongs to any, doesn’t belong to any, is not in any group)
  • Fields: email, name and all other custom fields (equals, does not equal, contains, does not contain, is set, is not set)
  • Segments (belongs to, does not belong to)
  • Signup source (is, is not)
  • Signup date (is before, is after)
  • Time zone (is, is not)
  • Campaigns (was sent, was not sent, was opened, was not opened, was clicked, was not clicked)
  • Automation workflows (active in, not active in, has completed, has not completed)
  • Email inactivity (have not opened or clicked any of their last X emails)
  • Time inactive (have not opened or clicked an email in the last X days)

Save the filter conditions as a Segment with one click. Later use Segments for sending campaigns or automation.

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  • Happy to hear something about the new tag feature.

    I assume the automations are going to make use of the tags too when you’re releasing the feature?

    Sad to hear that we still have to wait months :-(

  • tytyty

    I don’t like it (deleting groups, not tags). I need different groups for different projects and then tags IN IT. Per project. And in this new feature with no groups I assume then I need make tag “VIP_project1”, “VIP_PROJECT2”, “from_popup_project1”, “from_popup_project2” because this is VIP per project not global?

    • You could have a global tag VIP and tags for projects like Project1, Project2. If you want to target vip users from project1 you just make a rule “Include all tags: Project1 AND VIP”.

  • I have to admit I must agree tytyty.

    Mailchimp for example allows you to create their groups/tags on a per list basis. This way it’s very handy to use. With mailerlite right now it seems to be very messy with tags.

  • Adewale

    So sad we still have to wait another 1-2 months for this feature. I crave it like icecream (smiles).

    I am really looking forward to it and I do think that your implementation plan will work. I just hope that we will be able to tag subscribers automatically once they open a mail or click on a particular link in a mail. That’ll make so much sense.

  • Michael

    Sorry guys. I love your platform but this is a BAD idea!

    An bulk mailing service without lists is like showing up to work without pants on ;)

    A list is the most basic concept in email marketing and if you ditch it, it will be very hard for people to understand how to use your service, especially beginners (which is your main target market).

    If you want to see how to implement tagging properly, see how Active Campaign have done it and model of them.

    If anything, you can have tags instead of the current SEGMENTS functionality but leave the lists as-is.

    Also, will be great if you could add a website script as part of the new tagging capability.

    By this I mean a code snippet one can add to their website which will track which pages an existing subscriber visits and tags them automatically based on that.

    Another feature I’d like to see in tags is being able to add special links in emails that will then tag existing subscribers automatically.

    This could be used to easily allow subscribers in a particular list to indicate what content they are interested in.

    Bottom line: leave the lists as they are but maybe consider replacing segments with tags.

    • Thanks for your comment!

      Can you please tell us more why you need both Groups and Tags? Would be great if you could share some use cases. Thanks!

  • Kris

    One more vote for this: Another feature I’d like to see in tags is being able to add special links in emails that will then tag existing subscribers automatically. This could be used to easily allow subscribers in a particular list to indicate what content they are interested in.

  • I love it. I personally use mailchimp and have a mailerlite account but wont be switching until this is implemented and working. With Mailchimp I have one list, and then I separate everyone with groups (tags) and even if they are already on my list if they subscribe to a new opt in it adds them to another group (which i suppose would be tag on mailerlite) it just updates them accordingly rather than adding them. I hate that it will be months before it is implemented because I really like the interface, but i dont want to make a mess of my email system that I have now.

    • Ignas

      Kenya, you can already do that with MailerLite groups. Now in MailerLite you can only have one List and in that List you can create Groups. A subscriber can belong to one or more groups. He or she will have the same data (custom fields) in all Groups.

  • Sian

    I would still like the ability for my readers to ‘self segment’ based on questions posed in a welcome sequence e-mail. I can see the benefits of segmenting people manually but I can’t be the only one who wants their subscribers to tag & segment themselves.

  • Ladislav

    Hi, what is the goal to achive with tags? I read it several times and I didnt get it so far. I am super happy with groups and segments. Now we syncronise emails and custom fields from our information system to MailerLite. we operate in three countries – so we have 3 subscriber groups. Does it mean that we will need to remake connection to your API? What will happen with existing groups and users inside? btw: more important is 2 way difference sync in your API. How far is your development? thanks

    • Ignas

      Groups and Tags are the same. We’re just changing the name and also the user interface a little bit. Moreover, it opens more possibilities for filtering and segmenting subscribers.

      You won’t need to change anything with the API. And you will be able to choose to use the new subscriber management with tags or stay with groups.

  • This is a really positive step, great news and I look forward to the implementation. Let me know if you need a beta tester :)

  • sarah

    Please, PLEASE make auto-tagging a thing! IE, when a subscriber clicks on a particular link, that subscribers is AUTOMATICALLY tagged on the fly.
    Example: I send out a newsletter with a new album. I offer links to iTunes, Amazon & Google Play. If a use clicks the Google link, that user is tagged “Google.”
    Convert kit can do this, and Mailchimp can’t. And it’s the future!

  • I like the feature as mentioned by Kris. and I am eagerly waiting for this one. That is a most important feature. Please work on that
    If a subscriber click a link A, Tag XYZ is assigned to him/her
    If a subscriber click a link B, Tag PVC is assigned to him/her
    if a supplier doesn’t click any link a tax “Not Interested” is assigned to him/her

  • I have subscribers coming in from several sources – Twitter, Facebook, website, instaFreebie, BookFunnel and sometimes from other competitions. These users come in to a group based on where they come in from and then go through a workflow that sends a sequence of emails.
    It is not quite clear how I would connect services like instaFreebie or BookFunnel as you currently pick from a list of available MailerLite groups into which subscribers go.
    Would you have a list of “Tags” instead?
    Can I apply different workflows triggered by the application of a specififc Tag as the subscriber arrives?

    • Ignas

      Yes, instead of groups it will be Tags. Moreover, you will be able to assign more than one Tag if you need.

  • I also want my subscribers to be able to segment themselves like Sian suggests.

  • Barbara

    Since I’ve spent considerable time dividing my subscribers into lists, I would not want that to be upset. You now can have segments within lists so that seems like tagging to me. Or add another column. Right now, I don’t know if I can pull up readers by a qualifier in a column. Also, I like being able to send an email to more than two lists. Perhaps I’ve misunderstood.

    • Ignas

      Barbara, don’t worry your lists/groups won’t change or disappear. If you choose to try the new approach the Groups will be converted to Tags. If not, you can continue using the same subscriber management as you have now – with groups.

  • Definitely would love to have the feature that subscribers segment themselves via links in email.

  • @Ignas: “Now in MailerLite you can only have one List and in that List you can create Groups.”

    That’s exactly a big issue right now with Mailerlite. I can only have “one list” inside my account but you don’t allow to use multipe accounts under the same company.

    How shall I handle my different projects? I cannot forward all leads to the same account/list, because they are completely different and as long as I can’t separate this with real lists (and independent tags/groups/custom fields) it’s just a big mess and not to handle.

  • Ladislav

    Please desribe in more details and screens, what means the choice and how it will be switched?
    you wrote:
    If you choose to try the new approach the Groups will be converted to Tags. If not, you can continue using the same subscriber management as you have now – with groups.

    if group is the same like tag, what will be the point to test?

  • Ooops! I just noticed that I can have the readers segment themselves in workflow via links in emails.

  • This is awesome! This is why I love you guys so much. You’re constantly developing amazing new features. My only request with tags is the ability to tag someone from an automation workflow based on clicking a link. For example, if they clicked a link to open my sales page I want to send them a different email the next day.

    • Ignas

      Angie, you can already do that now with Automation. Contact us if you need detailed instructions.

  • Excellent!!! This will certainly change your game if done right.
    Automation, automation, and automation. Plus Segmentation :)
    Well done.

  • I love this so far but I also want to be able to tag my readers based on a behavior in both campaigns and automations. If they click a link in a campaign, I want to tag them so that when I send a future campaign about the topic they clicked on – that campaign will go to the people with that tag.

  • @Ignas is still avoiding the common question a lot of people are asking here!

    The question is:
    Would subscribers be able to be AUTOMATICALLY tagged and segmented if they CLICK different links in emails, web pages, etc?

    Furthermore, can subscribers be tagged and segmented from the subscription form?

    That is, can quizzes be put into the subscription form to right away segment the subscribers based on what option or button they click on the quiz in the subscription form?

    What I mean is, can I ask a question on my subscription form like, “how did you hear about us?”, and after subscribing, such subscribers would be AUTOMATICALLY tagged and segmented based on the option they chose to answer such questions?

    Thank you.

    I await your response @Ignas

    • Ignas

      Subscribers can be automatically grouped (later tagged) and segmented based on what they click in emails. It’s already working. You can set it up in the Automation. However, we don’t have a feature to track clicks on your website. That’s another feature, we plan to have it in the future. But first we want to update the subscriber management part.

  • One thing I’d really like (and I think I’ve seen other people say the same) is to have the ability to tag readers based on a link they click in one of my emails. So I can ask them if they’ve bought a product and if they click on yes they get a certain tag and if they click on no they get a different one.

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, make it so readers can segment them based on clicking on links. I need this feature – and I know many others do as well. It’s the one thing that is keeping MailerLite from being competitive with other systems. I mean, even places like MadMimi have this! I was really hoping that this update would come with this…if it doesn’t, I’ll likely be forced to move back to ActiveCampaign…which I really don’t want to do. It is crucial for newsletters and list building. It looks like many others want this feature as well, so I hope you will keep it in mind.

    • Ignas

      You can already do that with MailerLite today. However, from comments here I get the impression that we need to explain more how to do that. So we’re working on a video tutorial right now and will show you the possibilities.

  • Ignas – I would love a tutorial. I have actually asked the support team about this several times, and I haven’t been able to get an answer on how to do this. If this is already available, please do a video! This is the #1 thing I need!

  • @Ignas Yeah, I think a tutorial will do a lot of good for many people. I have come to realise a lot of people only do basic stuffs on ESPs.

    I have interest in email automation so I fumble a lot with many tools online, mailerlite inclusive and I figured out a way to do almost anything I want to do. Many others are not like me. Will be rolling out a course soon, it’s one reason I can’t wait to see the tags feature implemented.

    You guys are doing well already but you may need to design a free email /video course around your system to get people really acquainted with it.

    If anyone here need any help implementing their email automation ideas, I am available to help.

  • Ladislav

    segments will be replaced as well with tags? if segment will stay, what is different on them compare to tags?

    • There will be Tags and Segments for managing subscribers. Tag is the first level element for organizing subscribers. It can be anything that you think of. For example VIP, Free, Paid, Friend, Downloaded PDF and etc.

      Segment is the second level and it’s like a filter where you can build conditions based on all the data you have about the subscriber. In segment you can combine different kinds of data, like Tags, Fields, Signup date, Actions with campaigns and more. For example, you could create a segment “Paying customers from United States”, where the first condition is that it has to include tag “Paid” and the second condition for a Country field is to match “United States”. So in that case you would use Tags and Fields in that segment.

  • @Ignas: Would be happy to receive a reply on my question from 2017-06-02 :-/

    • Florian, now we allow multiple account for the same company or organization.

      However, we won’t allow creating multiple accounts with overlapping uses (similar email content, same links) or other abuse.

  • Update: we’ve made a video tutorial on how to group (later tag) subscribers based on the links they click in Automation emails: https://www.mailerlite.com/video-tutorials/grouping-link-click

    Later, when we release the Tagging update you will be also able to set Link Trigger on links in your regular campaigns not only Automation.

  • I would like to be able to tag based on click in an email that is not part of an automation. Just a normal campaign. :)

  • Happy to hear Ignas! Looking forward to the tags

  • Oh I knew you could do it in automation. I need it in my actual newsletters – but it sounds like that is coming. So yay!

    I did notice that when I do it in automation, I can only seem to do it for one link. After that, it adds additional ones under the previous condition. So it seems like those would only run if they clicked on the first link.

  • Hi there!
    First of all: Thank you for your great service!
    I would like to separate my customers by gender from the very beginning (Mr./Mrs) – e.g. with a radio button in the subscribe form. Will this function also come?


  • Very nice :)
    Personally, I don’t mind that groups changes to tags. I think it’s way more flexible and powerfull to build better lists (or groups).
    Anyway, in my opinion it’s just a name. What does matter is how efficient you can use the data inside and connect more “relevant” with your users/clients so for me this is a big hurray!

    I would suggest looking into a WooCommerce plugin so we can use auto-tagging based on products in cart. That would be awesome if we can build a segment based on purchase history.

  • Hey,

    Thanks for all your comments and ideas.

    It’s clear that there’s lots of you who need Link Triggers in Automation. So we set it as a priority and made it happen: https://blog.mailerlite.com/link-trigger-in-automation/

  • Hi Ignas

    Congratulations. Thank you for listening to your customers. Link trigger automation is awesome. Site Tracking is the next progression of this excellent feature.

    With Site Tracking (via a cookie) I could create marketing & sales processes that automatically adapt as a contact interacts with my website:

    – trigger a message with a offer to send 30 minutes after a contact views a product page of your site… but only if they didn’t make a purchase.
    – apply a tag to indicate a contact’s interest and begin a targeted follow-up sequence after two or more visits to a specific product category.
    – fork an automation so you treat a contact differently if they’ve already viewed a specific pages of my site. (such as your pricing, product, and demo pages).
    – have automations only begin if a contact has viewed a page of your site

  • Are you searching (beta-)tester for your upcoming tag feature? Would be happy to get a first insight and help with feedback.

  • Rob Lopes

    Couple questions:
    1. Can I add attributes to the optin form, having the subscriber be tagged to one (or many) tags right away?
    2. If a subscriber decides to unsubscribe from a mail campaign for a specific TAG. The subscriber will be removed from the TAG, or from the list?

    • It already works like that with the current Groups.

  • Rob Lopes

    Is the existing Developer API contract going to change? I mean, I know that new operations will be added, but existing operations will change name(s) and signatures?

    • Rob, thanks for the question. Don’t worry, the API names and endpoints won’t change.

  • ddjjmm

    Keeping the groups naming is a very good choice. Anyway delaying the release of the segments another month is disappointing :-(