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Why should you care about your company’s culture?

Meet our developer Arunas. Last fall he took 4 weeks vacation to walk 900 km in Camino de Santiago, Spain.

What happened on the nightmare Monday?

We made a mistake and lost some important data from Automation Workflows. We’re truly sorry.

10 email marketing tips from best-selling authors

Best selling authors that use MailerLite share their experience what makes successful email marketing.

Improved integration with Zapier

Integration with Zapier is one of the most popular integrations from our list and now we’ve made it even better.

August integrations update

We’re happy to announce 5 new integrations recently added to our ever-expanding collection!

Examples of successful email popups and why they work

I’ve checked hundreds of popups and found the best practices to improve them.

Introducing new Popup form types

We have launched new Popup form types including Bottom Bar, Top Bar and Slidebox.

MailerLite integrates with PieSync

PieSync keeps your contacts in sync between your favorite cloud apps, 2-way and in real time. Just set it and forget it!

5 tips for an effective Landing Page

Collecting subscribers and keeping good relations with them is something that every email marketer must be aiming at.