Webforms become Forms

July 7, 2017

We have redesigned the Webforms page for easier access and navigation. Creating a new form is now faster than ever!

First thing you will notice is that the Webforms tab has been replaced with a Forms tab.

MailerLite Forms

Why did we change it? Because MailerLite provides an opportunity to create not only simple embedded forms, which can be added to your website or blog to collect signups, but also allows to convert your website visitors into subscribers and customers using our Popups. In addition, you can also create high-performance landing pages by using powerful Landing Page builder.

Once you click on the Forms section, you will see separate tabs for Popups, Landing Pages and Embedded Forms. All your forms are now organised by type in these 3 tabs. This new look will provide you with a better user experience to create and manage your forms with efficiency and speed.

Let’s review how to quickly create any type of Form.


Popup subscribe forms are considered to be the most effective way to convert your website visitors to subscribers.

MailerLite Popups feature

It’s very easy to create a new Popup form:

  1. Click the main Forms tab.
  2. Click Create Popup button.
  3. Name your Popup form.
  4. Select your Subscribers group where the signups will be added and click Save and Continue.
  5. Select one of the available Popup templates. You can click the Preview button to see which template looks best for you.
  6. The fun part – design your Popup. Note that the Popup form consists of 2 tabs – Popup and Success. Popup tab is what your potential subscribers will see when the Popup is enabled. Success tab is what they will see after signing up. Click Done Editing once you’re finished.
  7. In the Behaviour page, choose when you want to show the Popup, set Frequency and adjust Visibility settings. Click Save and Continue when ready.
  8. Finally, add the Javascript tracking snippet into your website.

Landing Pages

A Landing Page is like a small website, which you can create in our landing page editor without any coding knowledge.

MailerLite Landing Pages feature

You will find our landing pages under the main Forms tab:

  1. Click the Create Landing Page button.
  2. Name your Landing Page.
  3. Select your Subscribers group where the signups will be added and click Save and Continue.
  4. Select one of the available Landing Page templates. You can click the Preview button to see which template suits your design best.
  5. The fun part – design your Landing Page. Note that the design consists of 2 pages – Landing Page and Success Page. Landing Page is what your potential subscribers will see when they visit your Landing Page URL. Success Page is what they will see after signing up. Click Done Editing once you’re finished.
  6. In the Page Settings, you can change your Landing Page URL or add your domain to publish landing pages to your own URL. In addition, you can optimize your page SEO settings and change meta details when you share a landing page on Facebook. Click Save and Continue when done.

That’s it! Share your Landing Page on your social media, promote it as a mini website to advertise your products or services and collect subscribers.

Embedded Forms

MailerLite Embedded Forms feature

These simple, yet elegant subscription forms are easily embeddable into your website. You can choose between an Embed Form or a Subscribe Button:

  1. Click on the main Forms section and select Embedded Forms tab.
  2. Click Create Embedded form button.
  3. Name your Form.
  4. Next, choose Form type. Embed Form is a subscription webform that you can embed on your website. Subscribe Button can be placed anywhere on your website – when your visitor clicks the button, a popup subscribe form is shown. Let’s Create Embed Form in this example.
  5. Next, select your Subscribers group where the signups will be added and click Save and Continue.
  6. The fun part – design your Subscribe Form. Edit the Details of your form, add a custom Thank You Message text or redirect subscribers to your own page. Design tab allows you to customise the style of your Subscribe Form while the Fields tab is where you can add more fields for your subscribers to fill in. Finally, you can select several groups for your subscribers to choose from in the Groups tab.
  7. Click Save button once you’re finished.

That’s it. Copy and paste the code into your website, wherever you want the form to appear. Using WordPress? Install our WordPress widget and select the Embedded Form from the list in the plugin.

We hope you enjoy creating beautiful MailerLite Forms as much as we do!

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  • Thank you for your great article. We learned a lot from it.

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  • Good job! When are you going to add popup forms activated by clicking a text link? I’m very much looking forward to it!

  • Nice! When is recaptcha coming?

  • Woo! Awesome update. I agree with the link based popup, I’d love to see that, too.

    I came here to ask if we’ll be able to create embedded forms without a background color? I’ve tried to get rid of it so many different ways but been unsuccessful. It would be a lot easier if it were a native option.

    • Hi Stephanie!

      You can try to write “transparent” instead of color code in Design settings.

      • Awesome! Thank you so much. Game changer for me.

  • They’ve been very useful for me. We’re using both an embedded form on our corporate site and a modal dialog form on our open source project site at DrupalCommerce.org. Love seeing the stats as well. : )

  • Gediminas, now that you’ve updated the Popup forms, you know that exit intent / email capture forms are going to be a huge demand.

  • I was just wondering if you guys are gonna add a few more landing page templates specifically one with a video playing in the background

    • Hi Bob! Thank you for your idea about video in the backgrounds, it will be considered.

  • Love the simplicity – and therefore effectiveness – of Mailerlite and you’re making it simpler? Grat news!

  • Lisa Petrison

    An exit intent pop-up would be great. And also a “polite slider.”

    • Lisa, in the Behaviour Mode you can choose when to show the pop-up: wait x seconds before showing the popup, show when user scrolls to x % or show before closing page.

  • It would be a good idea to design a extension like ninja popup or something like that for mailerlite sync,
    and my other suggestion work in push notification

  • Is it possible to embed the form in a Mailerlite created newsletter?

    • Hi!

      No, webforms can’t be embedded in newsletters.

  • Strategie Art

    Hi, I use Contact Form 7 web form on my WordPress site. How can I integrate it with MailerLite? Many thanks.

  • Howard Milstein

    I have been hesitant to use mailerlite imbedded forms for sign ups because it used to add script and other detriments when analyzing site with page speed or pingdom… etc.
    I might try again. You should be aware of this!