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June 16, 2017

Arranging elements into a logical order helps you save time in the future. This is why you should always keep your stuff organized and updated.

After our latest update you can do exactly that with your email marketing campaigns. Create folders for your campaigns and use filters to quickly find them.

Creating folders and moving campaigns

Folders can be created for your Campaigns and Automations. Follow these 4 simple steps to create a new folder:

MailerLite - Campaigns Folders
  1. Click the Campaigns tab.
  2. Click the Folder drop down menu.
  3. Click Add to create a new folder.
  4. Optional: click Edit and click the edit icon to change the name of your folder.

Once you have created a new folder, it’s time to move some campaigns there. Here’s how to do it:

MailerLite - Move to Folder
  1. Click the Campaigns tab.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the campaign preview icon.
  3. Click the Move to drop down menu.
  4. Select the Folder where you want to move it.

That’s it! Please note that you can move campaigns from Sent tab as well as from Drafts. In addition, you can select multiple campaigns at once and move them.

The same procedure can be applied to organize your Automations.

Using filter

If you have sent lots of campaigns, it might be a struggle to locate a particular one. To save your time, we have created a simple filter.

Filter button is located on the right hand side under the main Campaigns tab.

MailerLite - Campaigns Filter

Click this button to filter campaigns by sending period and campaign type. For example, you can find all campaigns from this year’s January to June that are Regular type.

In a similar fashion, the Automation filter allows you to filter your workflows by a particular list and status. You will find it under the main Automation tab.

Downloading reports

MailerLite - Download Reports

Now you can easily download campaign report data into a single CSV file. Simply select one or few campaigns and click the “Download Reports” button above the list of campaigns.

We hope you like this update and it will save your time while keeping your campaigns arranged in order. Good luck!

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  • This is great stuff cause as my wife likes to point out, ” I am so unorganized.” LOL

    Thanks, MailerLite Team, I am so glad I divorced Aweber when I found you. MailerLite ROCKS!

  • You guys and gals at MailerLite always impress me with new features…Thanks 😀

  • Ladislav

    great tools! could you please also add search field in automation as it is in campaings and subscribers? this will increase functionality of filter a lot!

  • Please add a “Unfolded” category or something (or mark somehow already folded campaigns) in filter list. Because after added some campaigns in folders I still saw them in common list without any folder marks.

  • This is awesome.
    Keep it up 👌👌

  • I was an Active Campaign reseller but now I use and recommend Mailerlite for all my clients that need email marketing and automation. I just keeps getting better.

  • Being able to download campaign data into a CSV file is going to save me literally *hours* of work every single month. I was manually copying over data into a spreadsheet I use to track campaigns sent to different segments for my clients. THANK YOU!

  • please add default category for “not organised” campaings. if you want to organise hundred of emails and you have partialy ready, you cant control it and filtrate the “not organised campaings. possible? when please?