Introducing new Popup form types

August 17, 2017

Popups. These days they’re used everywhere. From the smallest notification popups to the giant full-screen right-in-your-face welcome mats. You can hate them, but you can’t ignore them.

While looking rather intrusive at first sight, popup forms can be a great way to boost your signups! We have just recently launched some cool new Popup form types and I’m happy to share with you some tips on how to use them effectively.

What’s new?

MailerLite Popups - Popup form types

When creating a new Popup form or editing an old one, you’ll see new popup form type options available. Just below the Design tab we’ve added an option to choose form type. You can choose from 3 form types where 2 types are totally new.


MailerLite Popups - Bar Popup

Show a bar that sticks to the bottom or to the top of your page. This type of Popup form is the least intrusive one. It appears quietly and lurks at the top or bottom of your page, politely asking the visitor to subscribe.

With MailerLite, you can choose whether you want the Bar form to be displayed on top or at the bottom of your page. Select the Bar type form and click the Settings tab to switch the form’s position between top/bottom.

The bottom Bar form will attach itself to the bottom of your website and stay there while scrolled. This makes it always visible and the user can subscribe at will. The top Bar form has an option to remain at the top or be hidden while scrolling.

Recommendation: Show Bar form a few seconds after a user visits your page.


MailerLite Popups - Slidebox

The slidebox form shows a popup box that sticks to the corner of your page. This type of form can slide in when a visitor is about to finish reading your page.

In MailerLite, you can choose to display the slidebox popup on the left or right side of your page via the Settings tab.

Recommendation: Show the Slidebox form when a visitor scrolls to 50% of your page.

How does it work?

The new form types work the same way as our regular Popup forms – you can choose when you want to show the form to your visitors.

MailerLite Popups - Behaviour

Once you finished to design your new Popup form click Done Editing. In the Behaviour page, choose when you want to show the Popup, set the Frequency and adjust the Visibility settings.

Finally, add the Javascript tracking snippet into your website, install it on every page of your website. If you are using WordPress or Shopify, you can install our official WordPress or Shopify plugin to add snippet automatically.

Hope you will enjoy trying out these new popup form types! Which type do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Boudewijn

    Do you have a “plugin” for Magento2 ?

    • Hi!

      At the moment we don’t have integration with Magento, but if you want to use our Popups you can insert our JavaScript snippet very easily.

      • Boudewijn

        Ok, thanks!

  • Amazing update – I love it.
    I’ve been waiting for it for so long. Thank you, guys!

  • Benjamin Ramalho

    What I’m not grasping (yet), is where are these forms to be displayed to end users? Is MailerLite suggesting a popup form as a: 1) landing page, 2) content in an email blast, 3) or something else?

    I thought MailerLite was an email campaign system… So information about “popup forms” and such truly have a few of us in office scratching our heads how/where/when to present something like this to consumers.

    • Hi Benjamin,

      This our feature helps to collect more subscribers. Popups considered to be the most effective way to convert your website visitors to subscribers, so the main idea is that you use them in your website.

      • Benjamin Ramalho

        MailerLite offers more than we were aware. So to confirm… The idea is to build a form/page for potential subscribers here on MailerLite, and insert that form/page on website? I’m very novice so guidance/thoughts of any sort help shape understanding. Thank you Gediminas

      • Benjamin Ramalho

        any feedback to our confusion on how this works? We are just trying to understand this feature and function of MailerLite. Comments above/below, are talking about it being on their site and such…so, just to get clarity, our company builds a page on MailerLite, and inserts that page on site or are we completely misunderstanding how this feature is intended to work?

        • At MailerLite we provide even more tools which help to get more subscribers.

          Using Popups feature you can create a Popup signup form and insert it into your website. So basically you are right, but it’s not a website but just a popup window which integrates into your existing website. Feature description is here –

          Also we provide a Landing Pages – This is more like a small website which also help to collect subscribers and put them directly to your MailerLite account.

  • Rodrigo

    Hi, It’s awesome.

    It would be cool to have AB tests as well.

  • Thanks so much for all the great features you’re constantly adding! Is there a way to show the pop-up only on certain webpages, or does it have to be site-wide?

    • Yes, it is a way. In the Behaviour settings choose a visibility option “Only show on specific pages” and enter a link or few links of the webpages where you want to show a popup.

  • Ben

    Excellent feature, guys!

    From memory, the pop-up feature doesn’t let you choose to redirect after the complete the pop-up form (maybe I’m thinking of the pop-up from a button but anyway…).

    Will these give us the option to redirect after completion of the form? (I want to put a goal on the redirect page for Google Analytics to track).

    • Hi Ben!

      No, redirects are still not available.

      • Ben

        Ok, no problem, Gediminas. I’ll just use the automatic email reply to send them to a page with tracking. Thanks.

  • In love with Jesus

    All I’ll say is nice ;)

  • Jude

    Wow this is awesome. I will try the bar pop up. Gedinima is there a way of using the bar pop up while the visitor is on the page and introducing the first type of pop when the visitor wants to exit the page supposing he did not subscribe to the bar pop up?

    • Hi!

      Yes, you can use few forms. Just activate first form when visitors visits website (0 seconds) and the second when visitors exits the page.

      • Jude

        Great thanks.
        Can I make my second pop up active or inactive based on my user’s response to the first pop up?

  • Lex Martin

    Does this work with Wix websites? Thanks

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately no, because there is no option at Wix to insert JavaScript snippet.

  • Nice update! Any plans to release something similar to the full-screen “Welcome Mat” that Sumo has?

    • Hi! We already have this, please try template “Full screen”. This template does exactly the same.

  • If Universal code is the same for all popups, how can I show different popups for different sites? (Of course if I have more than one popup)

    • Answer is: you have add “Show on specific pages” URL to different popups for different sites. Universal code is enough with this setup.

  • Always great new things with mailerlite. love it !

  • Alessandro Volucello

    You, Guys, are building MailerLite a platform, with all the respect toward the others, that’s hard to look around.
    I highly recommend it!

  • Sigita Babarskaite

    Hey, thanks for sharing. Can you integrated the snippets with Drupal CMS as well?

    • Hey,

      Yes, we provide a simple JavaScript snippet which can be added into almost all websites and CMS which have possibility to insert/add additional HTML code.