Email marketing trends to look forward to in 2018

December 22, 2017

Alan Lakein said, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”.

I do believe that it’s easier to stay ahead of your competitors if you try and adapt new trends before they do. You can adjust your strategy and goals better if you know what to expect.

Today I want to share insights from email marketing influencers about what is coming for email marketing in 2018.

In short – technology behind email marketing will give more opportunities to send right emails to right people at the right time. I.e. to scale building relationship with your audience.

Adam Holden Bache

Adam Q. Holden-Bache

Director of Email Marketing at Indiemark

The future is exciting for email marketers. Due to better marketing practices, better software, and better use of data, email is becoming more automated, more personalized, and more relevant. And with interactive features working their way into the inbox, the use of artificial intelligence taking off, as well as predictive marketing becoming more common, email’s value will only continue to increase both for marketers and subscribers.

Kevin George

Jaymin Bhuptani

Director at EmailMonks

While interactive elements like Menu, Sliders, Countdown and Video will continue its dominance, gamification will also be a rage in 2018. Email marketers will bank on Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence and chatbots to enhance their email marketing strategy. With stringent CAN-SPAM guidelines, email marketers will have to follow permission- based marketing practices, put their subscriber FIRST and sound ‘conversational’ rather than ‘salesy’ whenever they are sending out an email regardless of its purpose.

Rozina Hussain

Rozina Hussain

Director of Product at

Strengthen Data protection processes and practices (think: removing non-compliant data, requesting re-permissions and tightening opt-in procedures)while certainly driven by the realities of GDPR but adopted more freely and widely by marketers as the benefits are realized not just with customer trust but also in monetary terms.

Richard Pickett

Richard Pickett

Technical Program Manager at MorphoTrust USA

A common trend that I’ve seen with all the “social media magnates” is how much they push to connect on social media, especially if they are selling a tool that helps you do that, but amazingly they’ll always ask you for your email.

Email has staying power that hasn’t diminished in the face of social media. Another trend I’ve noticed is how social media is helpful for shallow interactions, but email is much more trusted for long-term relationships and brand building, with email showing more power over social media connectivity the more expensive your product is.

Clayton Maddox

Clayton Maddox

Email Marketing Specialist at National Trade Supply

In my opinion, one of the biggest trends for 2018 will be email marketers investing more time in creating and improving their existing automated emails. Batch-and-blast is continuing to lose its effectiveness, so email marketers will be looking for more opportunities in the customer life-cycle to set up and test automated messages.

David G Bradbury

David G Bradbury

Strategic Business Development at Playable

2018 will be the year that Video Email gains broad adoption by email marketeers as the last 24 months has seen a significant evolution in the ability to reach the inbox with high quality video. The consumer preference for video content (it’s forecast that 80% of our time on line in 2018 will be spent watching videos)will drive email marketeers to bring video forward into their email communications as they will find it is the most effective means of driving views of their video content.

Final thoughts

  • Email marketing tools are getting more sophisticated and let you target the audience more precisely.
  • Personalization and segmentation are features that every email marketer should master.
  • Improve your existing automated emails. Set them up according to the customer life-cycle.
  • Useful and relevant content will never go out of the style in email marketing. Spice it with gifs, countdowns and videos.
  • Use email marketing to build your brand and long-term relationship with the customers, rather than just sell products or service.


What do you predict? What is waiting for email marketing in 2018? What do you plan to try in email marketing next year?

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  • Brian Belfitt

    2018 seems to be the year have the email marketer. Over the last four weeks I have never seen so much content on social media sites in regards to email marketing. Every second post seems to be the top 10 hits on how to make your email marketing campaign work, or best practices in 2018 for email marketing. I’m glad I started growing my list about 18 months ago, I still haven’t used it yet but I plan to very soon. I’ve been with MailChimp for over 2 years, sadly I have not had much success with email marketing but that’s not their blame. Let’s hope 2018 is better to me.