Creative and super simple ways to grow your list

August 24, 2016

Did you know that your email list naturally degrades by about 22.5% every year? People change email addresses as they move from one company to another. They unsubscribe. They don’t really use the email or misspelled it while subscribing.

You should constantly grow your email list to make up for this loss.

Ran out of ideas how to grow it? Here are 6 creative and super simple ways to help you. Just always remember one thing: make it easy to subscribe – ask only for an email address. You can ask for more details later on.

#1. Your email signature

Add a very simple call to action to your email signature that tells people why they should sign up for your list. Then, link it to your signup form.

This way, Hotmail grew their mailing list by 12 million email accounts in less than a year. They added the intriguing bit of text “P.S. I love you” at the bottom of every email they sent, with a link back to their homepage.

The text in your signature can say “Sign up for our newsletter”, “Join our email list” but I suggest you write something more original like Hotmail team or these guys did:

Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo at AppSumo & SumoMe:

Noah Kagan Email Signature Example

Sean Black, Founder & CEO of Crunched (acq’d by ClearSlide):

Sean Black Email Signature Example

Tempted to click on the links? This is exactly how you want your readers to feel. Give them a reason to do so.

#2. About Page

About Page is the most overlooked page for conversions.

If someone visits your About Page, it means that the person is certainly interested in your company/product and would like to know more. This is a great opportunity to offer them to join the mailing list.

You may include the webform in the middle of the page and then at the end, like Backlinko did.

One in the middle of the page:

Get Access Subsciption form Example

And another at the bottom of the page:

Get Access Subsciption form Example

#3. Top blog posts

Go to Google Analytics to find out which blog posts are the most visited.

Create a free giveaway for every blog post. Something simple. Pdf of the blog post. Checklist. Transcript. Video. Something that gives value and is connected with the blog posts.

And then ask for an email. In the middle of the blog post and at the end of it.

Subscription form in Backlinko blog post

#4. Social media

There are so many ways how you can grow your subscriber list through social media.

Create a newsletter subscription tab on Facebook:

Barn Images subscribe form on Facebook

Have a Facebook signup button:

Facebook signup button

Post a photo of an item or an offer to giveaway on Instagram. Then, include a link in your Instagram bio asking people to sign up to participate in the giveaway:

Goat Story's newsletter signup example on Instagram

#5. Popup forms

Popup subscribe forms are considered to be the most effective way to convert your website visitors to subscribers.

Design beautiful popup form that would catch your visitor’s attention and invite to subscribe to your mailing list. Ask only for an email address, no name, no other details – to make the subscription step as easy as possible.

Ironpinoy newsletter subscription popup example

#6. Landing page

Create a beautiful landing page along with your subscription form. For example, let’s say you’re a book author, the easiest way for you to grow your mailing list is to email your readers a part of a story from your book and then ask to subscribe for more. Or you can ask for their email to send them a free book.

Book author free book subscribtion form

How do you grow your list? What works best? What challenges do you face? Share your ideas in the comments.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in June, 2015 but has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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  • Hi, great ideas, thanks!
    Concerning the idea#3, I wonder how is it handled when a suscriber, already on the list, clicks to get the free bonus for a specific blog post.
    Does he get it, is he suscribed again or does he get a notice he is already on the list?
    Thank you!

  • Hello Joseph,
    If you set up a new group for the autoresponder, the subscriber will get the free bonus.

  • Francisca

    Hi, how do I see the subscribed emails? My friend subscribed to my newsletter but didn’t get any message from me. How do I know someone has subscribed so I can send the person a welcome email? Thanks

    • Gediminas


      You can welcome your subscribers by using confirmation email (if you use our webforms to collect them). You can set up a welcome email too, by using our Automation feature.

      If you have more questions you are free to write us

  • Ilma,

    Excellent post, should include more content to take advantage of this style and have more idemas with herrameinta Mailer Lite.


  • Very lovely post. I didnot even think about the idea of using a subscribe form inside a page like an about page. These ideas are very good and i would like to implement them. Also i have a question, i am advertising on facebook to build my list and i have two options:1. I have a landing page and 2. I have a pop up subscribe form on the homepage of my website. Which one can i use and will be more effective. Thanks

  • Ayodeji, I guess you should test both options. Landing page works better if the audience is not familiar with your business. Pop-ups are great if people are already interested in what you do.

  • Ali

    Currently using idea#3 and Josephs question helped me getting an idea to improve my method.

  • Thanks for sharing these useful list building tips Ilma!

  • Hi, great post. thanks!

  • Great tips Ilma. I have several projects, all with the intention of converting traffic into leads.

    I will apply these strategies.

  • I am starting a service which connects landlords and students who are looking for a room. I made two seperate subscription forms for them. However the students sign up also as a landlord. How can I make it more clear? The purpose of the landing page is to create a database of both groups and later turn it into an online market place. Thank you.

  • HI there!

    Thanks for this amazing post. it will definitely grow my list and yes after so many research i found MailerLite the best.


  • WOW! Great post.I need to try this on my own campaign.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Ilma, related to idea 3. How is the best practice to implement this (I guess the technique is called “Content Upgrade”) with mailer lite. Opt-in Form, Landing page, Mailer Lite connecting with a list, automatic mail with link for download. But is there a way to upoad the pdf and subscriber will get it automatically in mailer lite. Convertkit has this option. Regards, Reto

  • Reto, you can download the file to Dropbox or to other service and put the link in the email that is in your workflow.

  • I’m going to have a welcome sequence for every freebie that I create. Is there a way to segment my list so if a current subscriber opts into a new freebie of mine, they don’t keep getting the welcome sequence every time?

    If so, how do I set that up?

    Thank in advance!

    • Andrej

      Hello, Audra! Thanks for reaching out to us. I wrote you a personal message in your account. Let’s discuss your needs and I’m sure we’ll find the best possible solution for this case. Looking forward to hearing from you.