Using Countdown Timer Effectively

May 17, 2017

We are happy to introduce you to a new Countdown block in our Drag & Drop editor.

Countdown timers are very good at creating urgency. Eventually they help to speed up performance of sales promotions or event registrations.

Let’s take a look at how it works and the positive effects it can have in your campaign.

How it works

Basically it’s a GIF image that counts down to a specific date and time.

Countdown in emails are compatible across all platforms. However, in some versions of Microsoft Outlook, subscriber will see a static image of the timer which will change after refreshing the page.

Adding it to your campaign


To add the Countdown block, create a new campaign and choose “Drag and Drop” editor or open a saved campaign designed with this editor.

Simply drag the block onto your newsletter and click on it. You will see the editing options on your right hand side.

In the Content tab, select your preferred date and time. Timer will automatically start to countdown the time to your selected date.

In the Settings tab you can select a styling for your block, switch on or off the countdown labels and change the general block settings.

Note: Countdown block is also available in our Landing Page editor.

Benefits and application

A well designed countdown timer in a combination with a smart CTA increases urgency, boosts subscriber engagement and encourages sales by enhancing your email marketing campaigns.

Dates and time zones can be confusing and requires focus, while Countdown timers are clear to understand at a single glance.

There are many creative ways you could use a timer.

Event or webinar

Countdown timers can be used to create curiosity, anticipation and excitement among the participants of your event or product launch.


Limited period live promotion

Offers and discounts are normally for a limited period. Send reminder emails backed up with countdown timer to inform your readers on decreasing time to take advantage of the offer.

Final Sale

What new blocks you want to see in our Drag & Drop editor?

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Mehdi 2017-05-17

That’s just what we wre waiting for! Great job, guys!

Abigail 2017-05-17

Hey Gediminas, this is a great feature, love it!
I’m happy with the existing building blocks, though I’d love to be able to customize the RSS campaigns a little more, for example which image gets pulled out of the article and which text.
Is there already an ETA as for the tagging feature? I work with the Thrives Quiz builder and they have a new tagging feature. I would love to be able to tag people when they answer certain questions of my quizzes. Thanks for all your hard work, I always share my love for Mailerlite on Facebook groups!

Gediminas 2017-05-18

Hi Abigail!

Thanks! And thank you for your insights about RSS, we will think about these improvements :)

Tagging feature is in the process, stay tuned!

Silviu 2017-05-17

You are the best! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Rebecca 2017-05-17

So thrilled to see this, than you!

Joseph 2017-05-17

Shutup and take my money. Love MailerLite for things like this.

Puneet 2017-05-17

MailerLite is getting better day by day.

ramonica 2017-05-17

This is exciting! You guys are my go to system! I teach the women in my community how to use your program each week! Thanks

Sasha 2017-05-17

Cool update! Thank you, my lovely MailerLite)

Bob Prebreza 2017-05-17

wow thanks guys this is another awesome feature I love it. I have a question as far as landing page’s will you guys make a landing page that will allow a video to play in the background? P.S. I love MailerLite and I introduced all my friends and coworkers😀😉

Alex 2017-05-17

Great! But I have a question is possible to make/set up only “hours” on counter or for example half hour “urgency” on thank you page?

Monique 2017-05-17

yeah, great update!
Love MailerLite and introduce it to all my new customers. I’m a VA in the Netherlands, Europe and I have no problem it all being in English.
Happy Mailerliting :-)

Angelito 2017-05-17

Awesome! Wow!

Angelito 2017-05-17

Is it possible to sync this with Thrive Themes Ultimatum?

Gediminas 2017-05-18

Hello Angelito,

No, it’s not possible to sync this Countdown Timer with Thrive Themes Ultimatum.

Russell 2017-05-17

This is awesome!
Did I miss the email with the update about the “tagging” functionality that was scheduled for April 2017?

Gediminas 2017-05-18

Hi Russell!

Thanks! No, you don’t miss the email ;) We are in the process, stay tuned!

Hesham 2017-05-17

Can I set evergreen counter. I mean it will always show the same time

Steve Williams 2017-05-17

Hi Gediminas, thanks for adding this useful tool!

Prather Jackson 2017-05-17

You guys are great! Keep innovating and we all benefit.

Hans Dekkers 2017-05-17

Very nice feature! Thanks so much!

Aly 2017-05-17

This is awesome! I’m curious, would it be possible to set this count down timer to expire from the time that a person opens their email? For example, instead of setting it to countdown to a specific day, set it to start the countdown upon opening the email, but it will expire 3 days after the email was sent? This would be super helpful for adding them to Evergreen funnels, where people may be opting into the funnel at different times, and you still want to create urgency unique to that new subscriber.

Boi blazer ray 2017-05-17

Omgash!! that’s to say that I have been missing
alot from mailerlite. com great job guys

Onyinye 2017-05-17

This is great, I’m glad you added this feature however, I’m looking forward to when creating campaigns, customizations and uploading of images will be available/more compartible on tablets/iPads and mobiles. This makes life a lot easier.

I used to use one of your more popular competitors, but MailerLite is rapidly becoming my go-to mailing solution. The fact that you tie everything together seamlessly, with simple to use tools was the reason I switched.
Thank ou for including another great feature.

Eka 2017-05-18

Hey there, I just want to know will mailerlite have an android app? Because I can’t send a campaign using my android phone. :(

Gediminas 2017-05-18


At the moment we don’t have any future plans to make an Android app.

Did you try to login using mobile web browser? Our application is responsive, you can’t create a new campaign but you can schedule an existing campaign.

At last, he had waited a long time. Great contribution, excellent.

Ivars 2017-05-18

Great! This was very much needed functionality.

Eve 2017-05-21

If you could deal with Woocommerce integration like MailChimp that would be awesome :). I mean sending buyers directly to a list so that I can trigger the automated sequence.
Right now I collect customers to Mailchimp list automatically and then redirect them via Zapier to MailerLite list, and that triggers the automation. It works, but it’s a bit crazy :)

Eka 2017-05-23

Hi Gediminas,
Thanks for your replay, yeah I have try using mobile web browser. It’s all works great except I can’t create campaign.
I love your features and very happy using Mailerlite, I hope you guys have a plan on adding new feature so that we can create campaign when we far away from PC/laptop or using mobile web browser.

Thank you

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