The Product Updates Page and What’s Coming in 2017

January 4, 2017

We’re launching the Product Updates Page where you can find all new features, improvements, changes or even small fixes that were made in MailerLite.

There’s also a list of upcoming new features.

The page can be reached on our website or inside MailerLite app.

You get emails about big updates and new releases. But actually there’s much more happening – every week there’s something new. Even if it’s a small change, it can be important for you. Now you will find everything in the Product Updates Page.

What was launched in 2016

Our team made more than 4000 code commits in 2016 that turned into new features and updates. If you missed something, here’s a list with the most important updates in 2016:

What’s coming in 2017

New Automation (January 2017) – we’ve built all new automation feature with a visual workflow builder. Now it’s in the final testing stage and will be released live in a few weeks. It’s going to be the game changer in Email Automation.

New MailerLite Automation

Shopify App (January 2017) – finally we’re releasing an official MailerLite app for Shopify. It will sync all your Shopify customer data with MailerLite, automatically create segments like “First Time Customers”, “High Spending Customers” and more.

MailerLite Shopify App

Opens by location (February 2017) – you’ll be able to see where in the world your subscribers are located and which country has the highest engagement.

Geolocation Reports Feature

New Rich Text Editor (March 2017) – we’re working on a revolutionary email editor that was inspired by Medium.

New Rich Text Editor

Tag Subscribers (March 2017) – it was one of the most requested features in 2016 and we’re already working on it. Tagging will help to better target subscribers and can also be used together with the new automation.

Tag Subscribers

How we choose what to build next?

It’s simple, we listen to your feedback and build things you need the most. Our team collects your feedback from support emails and chats, blog comments, surveys and social media.

Then we put requests into a Trello board and rate things based on:

  • number of requests
  • time needed for development
  • how it aligns with MailerLite vision, which is “Taking difficult problems and making them simple”

What do you want from MailerLite in 2017? Write a comment below. Thanks!

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eli 2017-01-05


this looks amazing. please dont for forget to add full rtl supprot for emails and anding pages. really need this :-)

Rodrigo Maia 2017-01-05

Awesome :D

Mike 2017-01-05

Great, some excellent features there, looking forward to the custom workflows… ill be moving more mailing lists across to you guys!

Daniel Adorno 2017-01-05

You guys are awesome! I’m so glad I switched to MailerLite from Mailchimp. Keep up the great work!

Mahendra 2017-01-05

Awesome! I was really waiting for those features since the day I joined and I was confident that I will get all those features. Thanks. You guys are going 2017 a super wonderful year for Mailerlite users.

Great road map guys! I can´t wait to get my hands on this updates. Good luck with the job!

Rishi 2017-01-05

You guys rock!

Sb 2017-01-05

I’m desperate for more segments. I need to segment by geographic location so badly. I’d also like to segment by device/email client. Mailchimp does both these things.

Juliano 2017-01-05

Hello, all right, there is the possibility of monitoring the customer in the virtual store, see a function that another well focused tool in e-commerce has:

“Post-click is an intelligence that identifies the steps of the contact within your site from the interaction with your piece of email marketing, broadening your knowledge about the possibilities of perfecting your marketing strategy.”

Is called “post-click”, some others use the term “Behavior Targeting” … these new updates will be possible to do this, through javascript by Google tag manager, anyway


Mike 2017-01-05

Email alerts would be nice. So when a subscriber subscribes to one if my lists I get a notification email with the subscribers info in it delivered to my email.

Aiste 2017-01-05

Hi Mike, we already have this feature :) See our blog post about it and how you can set it up here:

Anne 2017-01-05

I’m so excited by these new features! Especially the automation feature and tagging. I was planning to look for another service because ML didn’t have them, but now I’m glad I don’t have too.

Shawn 2017-01-05

How about drop-down custom fields on forms? Thanks.

G Devika 2017-01-05


I have noticed below points;

1. it takes long time to load the emails sent through system, where as could find emails sent with other system loading pretty fast. Please attend to this.

2. Wish to have a white list solution. I mean to run your app, inside of our own domain name, without showing any details of yours. (Similar to Elastic Mails).

If could have the above features, specially white listing feature, we could give you lot of business.

Best Regards,

Stephanie 2017-01-05

Awesome! I’m so excited to see these changes. The new automation editor is what’s going to make me switch over for good. I just didn’t like the previous work flow compared to what I’m used to. AND TAGGING? Wooooo!

Matthew Stokes 2017-01-05

Naming of email campaigns, rather than just by Subject Title. Some campaigns will be different, but have the same subject…Im surprised more people don’t have an issue with this?

Juan 2017-01-05

Very sweet

S. J. Pajonas 2017-01-05

These are cool! Looking forward to the automation updates. Will we be able to port over our old automations easily without losing stats? Someday I’d like to be able to segment by reader activity. Like, I want to reward people who open and interact with my emails. I suppose tagging could do this, but it would be nice to segment based on Open Rate or Click Rate.

Courtney 2017-01-05

I need instafreebie integration. Will that be happening in 2017?

Aiste 2017-01-05

Hi Courtney, we’re currently working on it :)

Jay Gregorio 2017-01-05

Amazing… this is what exactly we need. Thanks to MailerLite Email Marketing Software :)

Klaas 2017-01-05

Because you look-up the geolocation for the open why not complete the subscriber profile with the country last opened. I have a bunch of gmail accounts for which I am eager to know where in the world they are located in order to segment the mailinglist.

eimantas 2017-01-05

Klaas, it will be next update after geomap. Just there is an issue with accounts – if the user opens it in the browser, Gmail will not provide the exact location, it always returns the USA, where the Gmail servers are located (we get their proxy IP, instead of the real one). Its just the way how Gmail is working.

But the good news is that many users are using their email application and it sends the exact location.

Scott 2017-01-05

Love this platform! It really is amazing. I was telling a marketing group I’m in about it yesterday.

I couldn’t find it in the platform, but one thing I know we really need is to know what times our emails are being opened so we can determine what are the best times for sending emails in the future.

Again, maybe that is already in the software, but I couldn’t find it.

Fabio 2017-01-05

Thank you guys!
What I would really need is a timestamp field in the “opened” or “clicked” lists of a campaign, so I can realize when the email has been opened or clicked.

Brian 2017-01-05

Love to see the growth! But unfortunately have been asking for RSS feature update for 6+ months and without it, probably going back to MailChimp. Not having the ability to only send out “new posts” is actually hurting my newsletter. Not sure why this is so difficult to add.

Denis 2017-01-05

Awesome 2017!!! :)

Moody 2017-01-05

Any chance of integration with highrise? You used to offer it before but stopped from some reason

Rebecca 2017-01-05

Besides better segmentation of lists, all I want for 2017 is no more glitches in the automation. I can’t begin to tell you how many people I’ve talked to who have been affected. And when they turn to customer service, the answers are sometimes flippant or even hostile. I haven’t been able to recommend ML for the past few months even though I use it exclusively and love everything else about it. I hope addressing this is your number one priority this year.

Stacy Claflin 2017-01-05

Wow! I’m really excited about these new changes. I’m especially looking forward to tagging and the automation updates. Thanks for always looking for ways to improve!

I’m also excited about the comment about Instafreebie integration!

Adrian 2017-01-05

The custom fields was increased so we can avoid overwriting data for people with common email addresses as in a Robert club with family linked via same emails
so to address each birthday uniquely a custom field set for each family member is needed
All works but MIND blowing to find the fields when import matching csv fields

Where is the Sort of this display of fields or at least make it Alps A. Z and not random it is not ever as added order

Antoni 2017-01-05

hi there,

Great job!

One question: will New Automation include “basket recovery” function? such thing is something I am really looking forward.


Emil 2017-01-05

I am really excited about tags :)

Taylor 2017-01-05

Y’all are my favorite service out there. No lie.

Siddardha 2017-01-05

The automation and tagging features are the best additions.

It would be great to release an android app too. That would be quite useful for all android users.

Salah 2017-01-05

What about Magento migration ? I have requested this since a year ago

Gabi 2017-01-05

Templates with sidebars

Andrew 2017-01-05

I love Mailerlite already, especially the content editor. Overall, the UI is beautifully simple. Instafreebie integration will be awesome. I would like to be able to merge one list into another, though, without exporting and importing. Also, a ‘star rating’ to rate each subscriber’s engagement the way Mailchimp does it, with an option to cull the lowest rated, would be good.

This is awesome. Thanks :)

Trish 2017-01-05

I’m so impressed with all of the new options you are including. Thanks for all of the hard work!! You guys are great!

Bob Prebreza 2017-01-05

Can you guys make more templates for the landing pages please

Gina Drayer 2017-01-05

I’m super excited about these new changes. Tagging and better automation…have you been reading my mind?!?!

Now if only you were on the list with Connectio (I’ve already put in a request with them) my newsletter wishlists will be complete.

Thanks guys!

Chantel Arnett 2017-01-05

The system should recognize that someone has already subscribed and not ask them to confirm their subscription again when they they provide their email a second time in order to download a content upgrade! Pretty please! :D

Andrew 2017-01-05

Thanks guys – either a stand alone or a link to an affiliate program so dont have to cut and paste data – eg – i would be back to you guys in a heartbeat now you have tagging – lead scoring and your own shopping cart with upsells would help to 😅

Chantel Arnett 2017-01-05

I forgot… One more thing. I would LOVE a modal subscribe form that looks like a popup and not a landing page, but acts like the other (non pop up) webforms. In other words, I can link to it with a text/image url. :)

Lauren Royal 2017-01-05

I want to be able to give each newsletter a name that only I can see, separate from the subject line. I often reuse subject lines and can’t easily tell those newsletters apart.

Chantel Arnett 2017-01-05

AND… I would love to be able to choose two lists with the ConvertPlug integration. A segment list and my main list!!

Vikram 2017-01-05

Removing the arbitrary limit of only 10 posts for RSS campaigns. That is on my wishlist!

Katie Clark 2017-01-05

I’m thinking of switching back to MailerLite from ActiveCampaign (especially with news of automations!). However, a big thing that I would LOVE to see is to add a tagging feature. So, for instance, if someone were to click on a link in a post for a product, I could add a tag to their name with that product name, so I could email them about it again the future. If that makes sense :)

Katie Clark 2017-01-05

I would also like to segment people based on location and other information!

J.L. Hendricks 2017-01-05

I would love to see a simple way to import new subscribers and NOT send them another set of new subscriber automation emails. Is there a way to NOT send those emails if they are already in any of my lists? Duplicates are a real pain and i end up getting people unsubscribing because they have received my automation sequence multiple times. A lot of people don’t realize they have already subscribed to my list and subscribe again. Currently, i manually remove duplicates before adding them to the new sub automation sequence.

Super excited to see the Instafreebie integration!! But still concerned about duplicate entries. I have multiple books on IF so if they download a book, then subscribe another way, will they will be in my list twice? IF already culls duplicates, but i need IF to cull them as well.

Ivan 2017-01-05

Awesome updates!!! Especially the new “New Automation” and the “Tag Subscribers”

Melissa Keyser 2017-01-05

I wish there was a way to add images to opt-in boxes!

Marc Johns 2017-01-05

New automations will be awesome! Tagging will be awesome! A Shopify app would be terrific! You guys are kicking butt!

BivySak 2017-01-05

Y’all are great! I was blown away by the features and I look forward to automating the heck out of our marketing campaigns. Keep up the awesome and thanks!

Russell Smith 2017-01-06

The visual automation flows look AMAZING. Can’t wait for that!!

PS. My request is mouse-over on opt-in forms should change to cursor for fields like name, email address etc… it’s kind of expected and I think triggers behaviour to make the click (ie. take next step and enter details)

Ludovic 2017-01-06

A Mailer lite Android App would be awesome!

Dave 2017-01-06

the automation and tagging features are badly needed… active campaign right now allows you to do the craziest stuff… if ML system can do similar that would be great… i’d definitely look to switch over…

Harris 2017-01-06

Can’t wait! I will be switching to mailer lite once you have the new workflow!

Toby 2017-01-06

Facebook lead ad integration please! I don’t really want to pay a 3rd party to integrate (like Zapier) and also I’d like the email to be sent immediately.

Jake 2017-01-06

I’d like to see the ability to add full width blocks in drag-drop-mode, like you have in some of your templates. Also, it would be nice to be able to spit out a unique coupon code per email. Without having to export the list, add the code in excel, and re upload.

Please add the integration with :) It’s so needed to subscribe people while they order the consultancy :)

And What about Pay Pal integration? Or it’s too much of a challenge ;)

And thank you guys, for all innovations, you are awesome :)!

Trevor 2017-01-06

I would love a link for pop-ups. I prefer the feeling of the visitor staying on the website rather than shooting off to a landing page.

Just like Chantel Arnett said above.

Vahid 2017-01-07

Thanks.i need mailerlite for opec cart

patric 2017-01-07

Thank you for good content

Julie 2017-01-07

I am really happy with your outstanding service and quality.


Jide Ogunsanya 2017-01-07

Great job guys!

I would love to have a mailerlite plugin that can autosync WordPress users with a mailerlkst list. SOmething similar to mailchimp sync plugin.

Also, I would love to have Facebook lead ad integration too!!

DJ Shaw 2017-01-07

I would love it if you would create a Mailerlite app for android phones

Nestor Paul 2017-01-08

Great! Another useful features from mailerlite

Gerjo 2017-01-09

Love the Spotify app. Can this be adopted to the Lightspeed platform ( that’s the platform I use for my webshop. It’s quite big too especially in the Netherlands.

John 2017-01-13

MailerLite is going to be one of the best mailing tool on the market. Good Job Guys!:)

Jessica 2017-02-02

Add Google ReCaptcha to the opt-in forms to help with spambot sign-ups.

Heather 2017-02-08

I would love to see Trello integration.

Harris 2017-02-16

Really excited about the roadmap. I just made a list of tools for folks launching a Kickstarter campaign. I wanted to let you know I put you guys first :)

Marion Hermannsen 2017-02-24

So excited about Instafreebie integration! Right now I use Zapier which costs more money and works imperfectly at best. Also tagging – more than happy to pay money for these two features vs Maichimp :)

Thomas 2017-02-25

I would love to see facebook lead ads integration so we can pull the leads automatically without zapier.

Alan 2017-02-26

My number 1 request would be a mailerlite android app :)

Sophie Kisker 2017-03-11

Hi! My #1 request would be a “link checker” off of the side, with the ability to preview where the link goes, and the ability to correct the link right there without going back to the composing screen and editing it there, then back to the preview, and back to the composing screen, etc. Like MailChimp has!

Rosco 2017-03-12

Tracking visitors web page hit and control marketing automation point based would be very appreciated

David 2017-03-12

Thank you for your great app.

I am still missing a few things.

1. Lead scoring (as a part of Marketing Automation),
2. Web Event Tracking,
3. Possibility to send emails with third-party Email Delivery Services, such as Sparkpost or ElasticEmail (because your system is often very slow with sending emails).

Thank you, David

Adewale Olaore 2017-03-24

Looking forward to the tagging features, it’s one of the things I’m missing. I’d be more than happy.

Paul 2017-04-25

Please add profile variables for signatures. Now we need to update the signatures for all automation mails.

Julius 2017-04-27

Please integrate with (new Leadpages product), it’s just awesome!

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