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Email marketing trends to look forward to in 2018

In short – technology behind email marketing will give more opportunities to send right emails to right people at the right time.

New Segments and more

Finally, we came up with a solution that solves many issues we had before and takes MailerLite subscriber management to the next level.

The dos and don’ts of Holiday email marketing

Step-by-step guide for Holiday email marketing.

The Christmas templates are here!

Super simple way to create Holiday emails.

Understanding soft and hard email bounces

Mysterious bounced tab. What is it doing and why some subscribers ended up there?

Why should you care about your company’s culture?

Meet our developer Arunas. Last fall he took 4 weeks vacation to walk 900 km in Camino de Santiago, Spain.

What happened on the nightmare Monday?

We made a mistake and lost some important data from Automation Workflows. We’re truly sorry.

10 email marketing tips from best-selling authors

Best selling authors that use MailerLite share their experience what makes successful email marketing.

Improved integration with Zapier

Integration with Zapier is one of the most popular integrations from our list and now we’ve made it even better.