Opens by Location in Campaign Reports

February 9, 2017

We are excited to introduce Opens by Location to help you understand where your subscribers are located and which countries have the highest engagement with your campaigns.

How do Opens by Location work?

MailerLite Opens by Location country map

After your campaign was opened, we collect data from the subscribers email application and grab the IP adress. The IP adress is then used to determine the location of the email.

To access the Opens by Location navigate to your reports page. Once you’re in, you will notice a detailed world map which shows you the top performing countries. Hovering over the country will give you an interactive bubble. In it you will see more information about your campaign as well as the country you are hovering over. We also included a handy list of top 10 best performing countries to your right.

MailerLite Opens by Location country list

How accurate is Opens by Location data?

Because we use the IP address to determine the country, the data is pretty accurate. If we fail to get the IP address, we will default to the IP adress of the email client itself.

Future improvements

Opens by Location in Campaign Reports is just the beginning. Next you will have Open Location as a field in every subscriber details. After you send a campaign and subscriber opens it, you will know his location and will be able to use the data in your future campaigns. It opens new opportunities to tailor your campaigns to timezones, cultures, languages and more.

Have any questions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  • Great work guys! Thanks for sticking to the roadmap. This is a good start but the real magic is when we can automatically send to their timezone. Hopefully, this feature will be in campaigns and automation.

    • Artūras

      Thanks, Harris! Keep an eye out for further updates. :)

  • Great feature, thank you!
    FYI: On the Link Activity Page I can see a Country tab, is that deliberate? (Can send a screenshot if needed.)

    • Artūras

      Hi there! Thanks for spotting a minor bug. It should be fixed now.

  • Great feature, team Mailerlite. This will help our tracking. Thank you

  • @Artūras, what a quick response! Yes, it’s gone now. :)

  • Very nice! Thanks for this useful feature.

  • omg!!! This is wondeful and great….Team mailerlite just made my marketing much more easier

  • The best news!

    Thank you for this new functional

  • Superb. I have been waiting to see this feature come on.

    Mailerlite is doing pretty great. I enjoy this. Great work here.

  • This is a major step up for my business. I will be able to determine exactly were my prospects are singing up from. Thanks to all MailerLite staff :-)

  • Great feature but I have a question: I think when people open an email in the Gmail mobile app (at least on Android devices), the opening IP is one assigned by Google and as such, it could look like they are in the US even though they are somewhere else. Is that true and if so, what are you doing to address that? Also, what about people who access the Internet via VPN for various reasons? Will you be able to determine their actual physical country?

    • Artūras

      Hi, Michael. You’ve hit the nail of its head with the current flaw of location tracking via IP adress. Some clients overwrite the subscribers location with their own. Gmail can sometimes do this. We’re looking into ways to get around it. As for the VPN, unfortunately it is not possible to determine the real location if the person is using VPN.

  • Many thanks
    I am plaesed for joining

  • Awesome work MailerLite Team. Your product just keeps getting better and better. We truly appreciate it.

  • Johnny A

    I’d like to know when you’ll be releasing the ability to identify subscribers by location as indicated in your “Future Improvements” paragraph, above. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline set for May 25, 2018, NOW would be an excellent time to make it available. Without it, we have no way to direct our communications to just those subscribers in the European Economic Area (EEA). Any possibility of an imminent release?