March integrations update

March 20, 2017

Today I’ll feature 4 most recent integrations that will allow you to smoothly operate your business. Let’s get started!


MailerLite integration with SendOwl

SendOwl is an ecommerce software, allowing you to sell digital goods online easily. In just  20 seconds, you can add a new product for your customers to purchase. Furthermore, it takes just 20 seconds for your customers to purchase this product. Seems like a perfect match!

SendOwl takes care of integration with payment gateways, creates conversion-optimised checkout and ensures a smooth automated digital delivery. All you need to do is create and upload your products and start getting paid.

MailerLite integration with SendOwl

Pricing starts from $9 up to $39 a month to use SendOwl. Click here to find out more.

How does Send Owl work with your MailerLite account? 

After setting up this integration, purchasers of your products will have their email address automatically added to your mailing list. Use the mailing list to send targeted email campaigns that bring customers back to your store.

Integrate with SendOwl


MailerLite integration with BookFunnel

Dear authors, we know you love us! The feeling is mutual! We’re excited to announce a fun little integration that will help your business.

BookFunnel is an ebook delivery service that allows you to distribute your free books to subscribers on your mailing lists.

No matter what device your readers have, BookFunnel makes sure they get their book. All major devices and reading apps are supported and will even walk your reader through the download steps if they have any trouble.

MailerLite integration with BookFunnel

Check out the Feature page to learn more about the service.

BookFunnel’s pricing plans start at just $20 per year.

How does BookFunnel work with your MailerLite account?

With this integration, whenever readers download your book, they will be automatically added to your selected MailerLite group.

Integrate with BookFunnel


MailerLite integration with ConvertPlayer

Videos have become a part of our daily life. YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of all people on the Internet.

But how can video help you reach your business goals? Most people just watch a video and do not follow it up with any interaction. ConvertPlayer is a unique, powerful tool that converts viewers within your videos.

Add your video URL to ConvertPlayer, grab the embed code, add it to your website and start collecting opt-ins.

It’s mobile friendly, strips off Youtube promotions, load super fast and no coding is required.

It costs from $8 to $25 per month to use ConvertPlayer. Click here to find out more.

Integrate with ConvertPLayer


MailerLite integration with MiloTree

With MiloTree you can grow your subscribers list plus Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest followers from one pop-up.

The pop-up is fully customisable, Google-friendly on mobile, provides a WordPress plugin and works on all major platforms.

Furthermore, it’s asynchronous so it will not slow your site down. Easy to understand analytics shows overall platform growth and pop-up clicks.

MiloTree is free to use. Premium plans cost from $9 up to $39 a month. Click here to find out more.

Integrate with MiloTree

P.S. What integration would you like to see at MailerLite? Write it in the comments.

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Sid 2017-03-23

Those are some cool integrations.
It would be wonderful if the WordPress plugin is developed to sync users with lists

Bridget 2017-03-23


Paul 2017-03-23

I’ve just received this article in newsletter. When I saw: “New integrations” I was hoping to see Google Analytics integration finally, but this won’t happen…
How about Google Analytics integration? I would like to see every subscription as a event in my GA Dashboard :)

OL 2017-03-23

Would love to see integrations with OnePageCRM, such as add ML subscribers to OPCRM and OPCRM contacts to ML. Ideally at the level of specific subscriber lists, perhaps linking with tags in OPCRM.

Scarlet Cox 2017-03-23

An ETA for the InstaFreebie integration would be great <3

Tomaz 2017-03-23

Good to see that you guys are working on more integrations. My request is for Wishlist Member – one of the most popular membership plugins.

They already have tons of integrations and it would give you more exposure if buyers of their software see your email service in there.

I found you in a similar way as I was looking through integrations in Thrive Themes that I use. If I didn’t see you among the integrations I would probably have never found you.

And now you have a paying customer. ;)

Sriram Rajagopalan 2017-03-23

Great to see ongoing list of integrations. Can you also integrate with Wix? This will help already existing subscriptions available at Wix and online store details there to be easily accessed for email campaigns from mailer lite?

Craig 2017-03-23

instaFreebie would definitely be the top of my list for integrations.
It’s an amazing service, but it only integrates with Mailchimp at the moment.
To bridge the gap between instaFreebie and MailerLite, I’m currently using Zapier. It works fine, but I’d rather not spend $20 per month when I don’t have to.
A lot of authors have been mentioning the desire to integrate iF with other EMS’s, and MailerLite is one that gets requested a lot.

Cheers, Craig.

Ignas 2017-03-23

Craig, we’re already in contact with instaFreebie and working on creating the integration. Hope to announce it soon…

Vincent 2017-03-23

Can we get INTSAFREEBIE?? That literally is the only reason I still have a MailChimp account.

Sally Clements 2017-03-23

Those are great, thank you!
I would love INSTAFREEBIE integration, like the previous poster, it would make my life a lot easier!

Hallie Westcott 2017-03-23

I would love to see you integrate with TAVE. That would make business so much easier.

Josip 2017-03-23

Woocommerce – add emails from customers when they buy.
Easy digital downloads – same

Christina 2017-03-23

I would love an integration with Teachable :)

Meg Cowley 2017-03-23

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BookFunnel! Thank you! :D

When is the Instafreebie integration coming, please!? It’s such a chore to manually delete duplicated subs across my groups every day! :)

Time4VPS 2017-03-23

Desired integrations:


Emily 2017-03-23

InstaFreebie please! It would make my life so much easier and you would have my loyalty forever!

Nigel Heaton 2017-03-23

Hi, One Page Crm would be good as its the best crm tool I’ve found for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Vitalis Chime 2017-03-23

Hi, I must commend you guys for the good job you are doing.

I will love to have see mailerlite integrated on
It will make whole lot of things perfect for me.


Martyn WHITTAKER 2017-03-23

My request would be for an integration with WP eStore and WP eMember from Failing that, these programs will send an email after a purchase containing name and email address. The purpose of them doing this is to add an email to a service such as Mailerlite.

Michii 2017-03-23

Ooh, this is the first time I’ve heard of Milotree. Sounds interesting! I’ll have to check it out.

Also, PLEASE integrate with HelloBar. I’ve asked them if it’s possible to sync with MailerLite, but they say you haven’t implemented Webhhoks yet (whatever that is). Thank you! Keep up the great work.

Phil Hassell 2017-03-23

M-Files integration to assist in maintaining subscribers would be great.

Jennifer 2017-03-23

I second Woocommerce.

Robert 2017-03-23

linking with would be really good.

Angela J. Ford 2017-03-23

This is amazing! I would love to see Instafreebie and Teachable! I’m so excited about Book Funnel – woohoo!

Debbie White 2017-03-23

Instafreebie would be great. My website is through WIX so anything that integrates with that is wonderful. Thank you.

Veronica 2017-03-23

Hellobar please!!!

Britney S. 2017-03-23

Teachable and WordPress (.com and .org). That would be icing on the cake :)

Patrick Jones 2017-03-23

Lead Pages integration would be great.

Kylie M 2017-03-23

Wix, Woocommerce, WordPress, Acuityscheduling

I signup my clients to you guys (at least 1-2 a week!) because MailerLite rocks, but more integrations would be ideal to avoid the zapier connections.

Rickie Blair 2017-03-23

Would love to see InstaFreebie and glad to hear you’re working on it!

Latania Smith 2017-03-23

These are awesome. I would like to see webinarjam and everwebinar intergrations. You guys rock!!!!

LR 2017-03-23

I would love to see integration with Satori App. It is a scheduling/business management app for coaches. Thank you!

Martin 2017-03-23

One more vote for Instafreebie, please. Good to hear you guys are working on it.

Deborah 2017-03-23

WIX, and Teachables

Abigail 2017-03-23

Wow, what an amazing list! I was thinking of using Milotree and this makes even more worth it, thanks :) Besides Thrive (which I’m so happy you integrate with), the 3 tools I use most in my business aren’t yet in your list : Acuity for scheduling, DPD for digital deliveries and WebinarNinja. Having access to listbuilding options with these 3 tools would be a lifesaver!!

Davs 2017-03-23

Please add InstaFreebie.

Instafreebie is another service like BookFunnel, but as added benefits of promotion for authors.

Right now Instafreebie only connect with MailChimp. It would be great to also have Instafreebie.

ASA 2017-03-23

I would also love to see instafreebie integration. Thank you!

Subhadra Lakshmanan 2017-03-23

Awesome work! Love these integrations but would be great if a Mailer Lite – Squarespace integration happened!

Artūras 2017-03-24

Good news! We already have the SquareSpace integration.

Becky Doughty 2017-03-23

I LOVE you people! Well, I don’t KNOW you people personally, but I LOVE Mailerlite because of all you people do. Thank you for working so hard to make us love you! Awesome automation yesterday, Bookfunnel today, THE WORLD tomorrow!

Thanks for all your hard work and for considering our wishes and needs, and for offering such a great services for such a great price.

Melanie 2017-03-23

+1,000,000 (you get the picture) for instaFreebie, for exactly the same reason Craig has cited. and as I’m from Australia and the exchange rate isn’t that good, I feel the monetary pain even more. (It’s usually between $26-$27 AUD per month.)

Chelsea 2017-03-23

Instafreebie for me too.

Jacquie Biggar 2017-03-23

I’d love to see an integration with Paypal so that we could make our monthly payments to you that way and even set up buy links in our newsletters sending them directly to paypal for payment.

Jess Haines 2017-03-23

It would be great if you could somehow add PayHip (as an alternative to SendOwl). Also glad to hear you’re already working on Instafreebie!

Erica 2017-03-24

Can you please work on an integration with Thinkific?

Lise Bonnet 2017-03-24

Hi guys, would love the integration with LIGHTSPEED e-commerce. Thx!

Godson Rapture 2017-03-24

Thanks guys for adding more value to your service

Charlene 2017-03-24

I would love to see integration with Facebook Lead Generation Ads! Currently it has to be done through Zapier, but it would be awesome to just be able to have subscribers sync without that middle man!

Thanks for the good work.

Debbie 2017-03-24

Calendly and Moon Clerk integrations, please!

Adewale 2017-03-24

I would love integration with woocommerce, lifterlms, easy digital downloads and hubspot crm free.

Dominique 2017-03-26

Would love to see integration with WooComerce.

WordPress Download Manager plugin!! That would be so awesome.

Sarah Ize-Iyamu 2017-03-27

I would love to see integration with WooCommerce, Teachable, Payhip, and the “Ëxclude purchasers” feature of convert kit. Great job you guys are doing.

Shakuita 2017-03-29

Instafreebie integration would be awesome.

Berni 2017-03-30

I would like to have an Outlook integration, were contacts could be updated automatically from one side to another. We are every day visiting costumers and then we introduce their data in Outlook. Then we have to export from outlook and import at mailerlite. And when the campaign is done, then we check hard bounces and eliminate this e-mails addressees from outlook… can you prepare an integration to ease this process?? Please, I beg you!

Ash 2017-03-30

I’d switch to you guys in a heartbeat if you were integrated with LeadPages and LeadBoxes!

Louis Chew 2017-04-01

How about Plugmatter? It’s one of the best at capturing email addresses. It works for many other email services; I think it’ll be a huge boon to have it work for Mailerlite.

Chris 2017-04-06

WooCommerce would be lovely. Right now Zapping away :)

Karen L 2017-04-13

LeadPages! Also, an app to collect email addresses at craft shows, farmers markets, etc.

Kris 2017-04-16

Yay for these integrations! Awesome that you’re working on integration with Instafreebie. Thanks! Would love an integration with a WordPress download manager plugin as someone above mentioned. Whichever DM plugin you guys thought was best would be fine for me!

Louis Chew 2017-04-17

Mentioned PlugMatter two posts ago, but I forgot to mention HelloBar. These are both lead capturing feature boxes on websites – would make a lot of sense to have the leads automatically synced with MailerLite.

Isaac Anim 2017-04-17

I would love to see an abandoned cart recovery emails app for shopify from you guys.

I don’t know if your current shopify integration has that function. But let me know.

Laura 2017-05-28

Please, please, pretty please introduce a way to resend the confirmation email to unconfirmed subscribers for the double opt-in option. Thanks a lot!

Lisette 2017-06-09

I just recently switched to Mailerlite, and while I love it so far, I was disappointed to have to leave Hello Bar behind! I love that you are working on more integrations. Please add Hello Bar to the list!

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