MailerLite Plugin for WooCommerce

January 1, 2018

If you’re an online seller, you most probably know WooCommerce. It runs on WordPress and is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that allows you to have an online shop.

Now you can use The Official WooCommerce – Mailerlite Plugin to sync your customer data and send targeted email campaigns.

Quick overview of the features:

  • Subscribe option at checkout.
  • Sync data about customers and their orders.
  • Pre-built segments for sending targeted campaigns.

How to start?

First you need to have WordPress with WooCommerce plugin installed.

Next you just go to Plugins in your WordPress dashboard, search for “MailerLite WooCommerce” and install the plugin.

WooCommerce - MailerLite Plugin

If you’re new to WordPress here’s the step-by-step instruction.

Connect your MailerLite account

Once you have the plugin installed and activated, head to WooCommerce > Settings > Integration. Enter your MailerLite API Key and choose subscriber group for your customers.

WooCommerce Settings

Subscribe option at checkout

Give your customers the option to subscribe to your emails at checkout.

Signup at checkout

You can customize the subscribe checkbox:

  • Choose the position: after billing details, after shipping details, after customer details, before submit button.
  • Choose to pre-select the signup checkbox by default or not.
  • Choose if you want to hide the checkbox and automatically subscribe all new customers.
  • Write your own checkbox label.

Double Opt-In

The plugin also supports Double Opt-In feature to keep your subscriber list clean and valid.

You can edit the confirmation email in your MailerLite account. Go to Subscribe settings in the right corner dropdown:

Subscribe settings

Here you can edit both the confirmation email and the thank you page that is shown after clicking the confirmation link.

Sync data about customers and their orders

This integration not only adds your customer email addresses to MailerLite but also automatically syncs data about their purchases.

After you enable the plugin, special custom fields will be created in your MailerLite account:

  • Woo Orders Count (number)
  • Woo Total Spent (number)
  • Woo Last Order (date)

Every time your customers make a new purchase, the fields will be updated. With that info, you can kick off automation workflows or create subscriber segments.

Pre-built segments for sending targeted campaigns

Personalised and targeted emails are more likely to be opened and clicked through. To help you get started, the plugin creates 5 pre-built segments:

  • First Time Customers
  • Customers with 0 Purchases
  • High Spending Customers (more than $500)
  • Repeat Customers (5 times and more)
  • High Spending Repeat Customers

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  • Rupert Rickks

    Wow, this is fantastic. Thanks for having this considered. MailerLite is <3

  • Kim

    This is great thanks! Any chance you could do this for Ecwid as well?

  • Woohoo this is great! I’m syncing everything up now!

  • Christy

    This is a great start, but it would be so much better if there were an option to add to groups based on products. As it currently stands, with the plugin, you lose the tie to what people purchased/were interested in. At least when I add people manually, I can add them to the related group with the product listed in a custom field.

    • Ignas Rubezius

      Thanks for your feedback. We will look for a solution to add info about products purchased.

      • Dan

        Just to add my perspective on this, as well as creating segments based on one (or multiple) products purchased, it would be great to be able to create a segment for everyone who bought a product from a specific product category

  • Nicholas Johnson

    Fantastic news, we’ve been looking to jump ship from MailChimp and this was the last piece of the jigsaw :-) Will you be adding ability to import products ordered in WooCommerce to allow improved segmentation in the future?

    • Ignas Rubezius

      Thanks for the question! I see that many people request that, so we will definitely consider it.

  • Damian Moccagatta

    Does it stores wich products were purchased? So I can follow up regarding each product?

    • Ignas Rubezius

      No, for now it only stores orders count, total spent and last order data.

  • This couldn’t have gotten here at a better time!! This is why I love you guys!

  • Alejandro Sanchez

    man, this couldn’t be better!!! this is excellent, now i hope for the “customer item bought list” field and that would make it P-E-R-F-E-C-T. i’m so happy for this new feature!!!

  • Love it! and the fact that you just keeping making mailerlite even greater!

  • Uliana Cheshier

    love it!

  • Makes sense. I’ve been waiting for this all these while. Well done.

    Now waiting for the official plugin that can sync WordPress users with Mailerlite

  • Great & Love it!

    MailerLite for EDD is not active, If you do any development on that, it would be great

  • I’ll throw in another vote for the ability to segment for the actual product purchased. It’s really helpful to know the dollar amount and number of orders, but much more powerful to be able to follow up email campaigns related to specific products. I’ll wait until those updates come through. I wouldn’t want to send emails offering Product A to potential customers who have already purchased Product A.

    So glad others are asking for the same thing too! Lots of luck putting it together :)

    • Look

      Exactly. Frankly when I started to read this article I thought it’s already possible as the sub-niche segmentation is one of the basics of ecommerce, so I’m lloking forward to the real segmentation feature as well :)

  • I would like to make follow ups regarding each product purchased too.

  • Look

    Vote for the segmentation based on specific products purchase :)
    I already have a system that segments me the customers, but having it plugged into the MailerLite would be just dope.

  • Daisy De Boevere

    Thank you so much!
    I would really love you guys to go even in more detail with this excellent integration.
    I sell products which are connected to MailerLite automations. Now I have to use quite a complex work-around, so it would be great to connect certain products to specific groups or segments or automations in MailerLite. Looking forward to updates!

  • Definitely need a “item purchased” field. That would be the icing the cake. That way I don’t send out emails to someeone that alreday bought soemthing.

  • Angee

    Would be great to have an option for adding another signup checkbox so us with a multilingual site can use it too; so the customer can choose language/group.