Link Trigger in Automation

June 20, 2017

MailerLite has a new Automation rule – Link Trigger.

A Link Trigger is exactly what it sounds like: someone clicks a link in any of your emails and it triggers an automation workflow.

How to set up a Link Trigger

  1. Go to Automation and start creating a new workflow.
  2. Select “When subscriber clicks a link” as a trigger.
  3. Enter the link URL you want to track.
Link Trigger in Automation

Now if you add the exact same link in any of your emails (including campaigns, automation workflows or even confirmations) and a subscriber clicks it, the workflow will start.

Link Trigger in a campaign

Tip: use URL parameters for better tracking

If you use Google UTM tags, you already know how additional URL parameters or query strings work. It’s the same with the Link Trigger.

You can make different Link Triggers based on the same destination link using additional URL parameters.


  • Link Trigger #1:
  • Link Trigger #2:

So if you include in your emails – nothing will happen. The URL has to be the exact match of what is set in the Link Trigger.

Link Trigger use case examples

Perhaps you’re wondering “okay, this is cool but how can I use it?”

Here are a few quick ideas how you can start using Link Triggers:

  1. A subscriber clicks a link in your weekly newsletter to be notified about an upcoming webinar. Automation saves the subscriber to a group “Notify about Webinar”. Few days before the webinar you send him a reminder.
  2. You launch a free email course that sends 1 lesson per day for 6 days. You want to invite your newsletter subscribers to join the course. So you just send them an email with a link “Join free email course”. When they click, they are saved to a group “Free email course” and start getting the new email sequence. No need to fill any forms to signup.
  3. You send an article about copywriting in your newsletter. Subscribers who click on the article are most probably interested in copywriting. Add them to a group “Copywriters” and start sending more relevant emails and content to them.
  4. Ask subscribers to “self segment” themselves based on interests. For example send an email with three categories of topics. When they click a link, update their custom field “Interest”.

How are you going to use the new Link Trigger?

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  • This is awesome! Great!

  • Wow, a long waited thing. Thank you!

  • So excited about this feature! I’ve already set up a trigger to add subscribers to a group when they click a certain link.

  • Oh this is a lot like tagging, wonderful feature thanks! But still hoping to integrate Thrive Quiz builder with Mailerlite by tagging people who pick certain answers :)

  • Adewale

    So excited this is here…

  • Wow, this is awesome news! The best news I have received in a long long while. That’s because I’ve been waiting for this option for a long, long time.

    Some people call it ‘tagging’ and I am so delighted that it’s now available with MailerLite. Whoohoot!

    Going to setup up my first trigger right away!

  • Awesome new feature, thank you. Your third example is brilliant. Great way to send subscribers really relevant content.

  • Mailerlite you guys rock. Thanks for constantly getting better

  • Really Cool Feature

  • I am loving this. Mailer lite is taking over business automation. Is this available in the free plan?

    • Ignas

      Yes, it works on all plans.

  • Fantastic new feature!! Thanks so much

  • Emmanuel

    Finally! Good job making Mailerlite.

  • Harris

    Can you use this feature to remove someone from automation as well?

    • Ignas

      You can. The solution would be to update a field, for example create field “Paid” and after click set action update field to “Yes”. In the other automation use condition field “Paid” equals “No”. So in this case the subscriber who clicked the link would not get emails from the other automation.

  • I’ve been waiting on this feature. Thanks a bunch. You guys are great!

  • So when someone clicks a link and you want to add them to an interest group. Donitbjust add them without removing them from another or does it create a clean slate and add them?

    • Ignas

      There are two option. You can copy to group, so they will stay in both groups. Or you can move to another group, so they will be removed from the old group and appear only in the new group.

      • Ignas

        Sorry, it seems that my last answer is not correct. “Move to group” currently works the same as “Copy to group”. We will add a new action “Remove from group” and it will solve this issue.

  • What a great feature! So excited to start using this.

  • Why are Move and Copy the same thing? It’s not when it comes to file management (PC or Mac), could be confusing to some people..

    • Ignas

      It’s a bug right now. We will fix it soon. At the moment you can’t select a group from which you want to remove it. You can only select where to move it. This is why it works the same as copy. But like I said, we are working on a solution.

      • It’s fixed. Now you can select the group to move from and also where to put it. Moreover, we added aditional action “Remove from group” for cases where you just want to remove a subscriber from a group.

  • HOORAY! I’ve been waiting for this. You guys are the best!

  • Vibhati

    How to send this after making a work flow

  • This is exciting. It makes the process of directing subscribers to a new path much easier. It reduces capturing details all over again for a new service (or segmented products). Great!

  • This is awesome! Great!

  • Awesome feature, Thanks

  • YAY! I’ve been waiting for this one! You guys rock.

  • Kris

    When do you add this as a trigger to Zapier? Also, other triggers like joining the group or adding a tag when you roll out tags… without this zapier for mailerlite is pretty much useless.

  • Julia Żarczyńska

    Are link triggers working also on your landing pages?

    • Ignas Rubezius

      No, the link trigger works only in emails you send.

  • Adrian Bogdan

    is it working the same if someone cliks a link in browser and not in an email?

    • Ignas Rubezius

      It works only in an email.