Introducing Refer a Friend Program

December 19, 2016

Share MailerLite with your friends and they’ll get a $20 credit when they sign up. If they end up upgrading, you’ll get a $20 credit too.

Everybody wins!

Credits will automatically be applied when you buy or upgrade your MailerLite plan. Up to 50% of the total cost can be covered by credits. The other 50% has to be paid in real money. If your credits exceed the limit, they will be saved to be applied to the next payment.

How it works

In your MailerLite account you will notice a new “Heart” icon in the top bar:

MailerLite Refer a Friend

Click the icon and you will be taken to Refer a Friend dashboard.

There are a few ways to invite your friends:

  • Invite by email – just enter your friends’ emails and we’ll send them an invitation.
  • Share your link – you get a unique link that you can give your friends, put on your website or post on social media.
Invite friends

When a new user visits MailerLite website via your refer a friend link and signs up (within 30 days from the first visit) our system instantly identifies your referral. The user will get a $20 credit immediately and you will be rewarded with a $20 credit as soon as he or she upgrades.

Stats and history

In your Refer a Friend dashboard you will see which of your friends signed up, who upgraded to a paid plan and how many credits you have earned.

Refer friends stats

Which friends to invite?

First, think of your friends who are running a business or work in marketing. Most probably they already do some email marketing and MailerLite could be a better and more affordable solution for them. They will appreciate your recommendation for sure.

MailerLite can be used in many other cases. If your friend belongs to an organisation, a club or just writes a blog, he or she could take advantage of MailerLite.

Easy Christmas Gift

Lastly, holiday season is the time of the year when a record number of emails are being sent. With MailerLite anyone can build a beautiful greeting email in just a few minutes.

Give the gift of MailerLite to your friends this year!

MailerLite Office Christmas

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  • Wow Great Promotion… MailerLite is a Great Email Marketing Tools.. that i’m using, highly recommended to my friends and Team :)

  • I have already told friends ! ! !
    Now I am waiting when will they subscribe . . .

  • Wow!!!!What a great Idea!

  • Hi there! A friend recommended Mailer Lite in a chat the other day, and I signed up a day or 2 so. Is there any way she can be credited or acknowledged seeing as she didn’t use a link from her dashboard? I know I’m still on free (and will be until I have a list that exceeds 1000) and I don’t know what plan she’s on, but still, I’m here because of her. 😆 If she can be recognised (at some point, at least), then I’d really appreciate it. 😆 She has no idea I’m asking as I’ve only just seen that you have a referral scheme.

    Thank you, and I look forward to using your services, and growing to a paid plan. 😆