Introducing New Automation

January 8, 2017

Since the beginning of MailerLite, our product was known for its simplicity and ease of use. From intuitive drag & drop editor and simple subscriber management to quick-made webforms and user-friendly automation.

However, we always felt that there’s lots of room for improvement, thus, we were constantly updating MailerLite. Your feedback has been very helpful for us and has lead to many awesome improvements.

Our drag & drop editor is now one of the best in the market. We have completely redesigned webforms, added intuitive landing page editor and introduced more functionality to manage subscribers.

That said, one part of our product has been neglected for some time… Well, not anymore!

We are super excited to present our brand New Automation tool! It retains the same simplicity for anyone to get started within minutes, but is powerful enough to satisfy a demanding marketer’s sophisticated business needs.

Creating Workflows

MailerLite Automation Workflow

To understand how the New Automation editor works, let’s jump straight into the action and create a New Automation. You’ll have to create a set of rules, conditions and newsletters. We call these sets workflows.

First, click on the Automation tab and click the orange button to Create a New Workflow.

Start by naming your Workflow and selecting a recipient group. You will notice a selection of automation types. Select your Workflow trigger and optionally mark the checkbox if you want to activate this workflow every time subscriber joins the group/segment, even if he was there before.

Mailerlite Automation Trigger Worflow

In the editor on your left, click the + button to add the next step in your Workflow. You will see 4 options – Email, Delay, Condition, Action.

  • Email allows you to quickly create a newsletter on the right-hand side of the editor. Note that you can use your Recent Emails, no need to create one from scratch.
  • With Delay, you can indicate a time delay before your next step. What’s more, you can now specify an exact time, when you want the next email to be sent. This is something that was not possible with our old Automation.
  • Condition splits your workflow based on workflow or campaign activity, custom fields or segment membership.
  • Action normally should go after Condition and it allows to update custom field, copy or move recipient(s) to a new group or mark them as unsubscribed.

Once you are finished creating the Workflow, click Save. You can immediately activate your Workflow with the switch of the button in the top right corner or navigate back to your Automation overview using the button in the top left corner.

The basic statistics of the workflow can be seen in the workflow creation interface while the full report is visible clicking the View Full Report button in the main Automation tab.

Endless Possibilities

You can apply the New Automation editor for various types of your marketing campaign series. Whether you are creating a simple welcome series or a sophisticated re-engagement series based on your subscribers’ behaviour, the possibilities are endless.

Below you will find a few case studies and possible examples of how the New Automation can be set up.

Case A

So imagine you want to create a series of automated sales emails every 2-3 days at 8.00 AM, but you want to send different sales emails if a subscriber clicks on a particular link in one of those campaigns.

Here’s how to set this up:

  1. Click to Create a New Workflow, give it a name and select your recipient group.
  2. Save it and click the + button to add Email, and design your welcome email.
  3. Add a Delay of 2 or 3 days.
  4. Add another Delay and this time indicate a specific time – 8:00 AM.
  5. Add another Email in your series and the same Delay specifications.
  6. Add a Condition based on Workflow Activity (clicked on a specific link) and choose the link you want to use.
  7. If the link was not clicked, repeat the series tree with further Emails, Delays and Conditions.
  8. If, however, the link was clicked, you can either select an Action to move the subscriber to another group, where he would receive different workflow series, or you can continue the Workflow with further Emails to such subscriber(s).

Case B

In this case, let’s assume you want to promote a new book.

Here’s how you might set this up:

  1. Create a New Workflow, name it and select your recipient group.
  2. Save it and click the + button to add Email and design your welcome email. Add a link to download a free sample of your book.
  3. Add a Delay of 1 day.
  4. Add an Email offering to purchase the book.
  5. Add a Delay of 1 day.
  6. Add a Condition based on Workflow Activity (clicked on a specific link). If a subscriber clicked on the link to purchase the book, stop the automation.
  7. If there was no click on that link, repeat the workflow for several days. Add a Delay of 1 day and add another Email and Condition.

Note: This is just one variation of creating such drip campaigns. Instead of adding a condition based on a clicked link, you can use segments. Say, create a custom field “book purchase” and assign “0” values to all customers in the beginning. If a customer purchases the book, change the value to “1” and such customer would be removed from the drip sequence.

Case C

Send a customised birthday sale offer:

  1. Create a New Workflow, name it and select your recipient group.
  2. Select a Trigger the anniversary of a date and select it to be sent on the birthday custom field. Specify the send time and save it.
  3. Next, add a condition based on age or any other criteria you want to use. Click to add a Condition based on custom field and select the birthday custom field. Say, you want to split the subscribers if they are more than 50 years old. Select the option “birthday” “is before” “1967-01-01“.
  4. Add and design an Email for each set of subscribers – older than 50 and younger ones.

Note: You can add and/or combine additional conditions. Target subscribers based on sex, location, previous purchase history, etc. There should be no limits for your imagination!

We hope you’ll enjoy creating new workflows. Our team has created the New Automation tool as a much more powerful, yet fun and simple way to make your automated marketing life easier than ever!

Have questions? Write them in the comments.

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  • This is just awesome.

    I’ll look into creating some new freebies, upgrades or even new premium products to use this automation.

    Thank you so much for all the effort you put into features like this.

  • Yay!!! I am so excited for this! Thank you Mailerlite!

  • Kris

    Holy cannoli! That is what we all have been waiting for so long! You rock guys!!!

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  • YAY!! This is so exciting! Thanks guys!

  • Wondering if we can go beyond the click and find out of that person downloaded or bought the product so we can automatically put them to customers group? Like pixel that we can install on our website and if the pixel fires then the sub will be moved to another group.

    • Hi Frici,

      At the moment such functionality is only available via API or manually changing a custom field value.

  • Very cool guys

  • This is superb, thanks :) Guess it will be possible to drip-feed an e-learning course through emails, will have to find out. Btw, is this feature available to free subscribers too?

    • Hi Partha,

      All our features are available in the free plan, including this one.

  • nrm

    Yay, thanks! Waiting for this so long. Game changer for you guys ;)

  • Would this be suitable for an e-course?

  • Amazing new feature! Thank you Mailerlite!

  • That`s Great!!
    Yeah, There is no limits for imagination.
    Love you MailerLite…

  • And how can I integrate that? I would be interested. I have website based on’s platform. It would be geat to to see if they enrolled in of or other courses.

    • Hi Frici,

      You would have to change the custom field value manually, through file import or using API. Say, create a custom field “enrolled” and assign “0” values. Once they enroll, assign “1” value and they could be moved to another segment in the workflow. Please note that this custom field should be used in a Condition step.

  • Very cool indeed. Now the product enables a whole new level of onboarding sequences, I’ll have to consult with some marketing gurus for how to best utilize it.

  • Woohoo! This opens so many possibilities and it is a true inspiration knowing that there are no limitations. Truly amazing work! Can’t wait to try this out

  • I want to use a delay before a condition. does it count from the last activity (sent email) or from the begining(trigger)?

    • Hi Armin,

      It counts from the last action that is going before the delay. Please contact our Support if it’s not clear.

  • does it still continue to send out the existing automation system or do we Have to do them all again

    • Hi Adrian,

      Old autoresponders are still supported, but it is not possible to create a new one.

  • Max

    Finally! I was thinking of switching to ConvertKit cause I really needed this type of functionality. Say no more, you just earned another lifelong customer!

  • Absolutely EPIC!
    Thanks so much for providing us with better opportunities to serve our customers and make more sales :)
    Will definitely recommend Mailerlite to my internet marketing buddies!

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  • looks great! I’m new to MailerLite and was trying to use this to send a simple Welcome email to my new e-newsletter subscribers. But I only want to send it after they’ve confirmed their subscription. How do I do that?

    • Hi Carmela,

      It’s very easy! Simply make sure you enable the double opt-in option in your MailerLite webform. Workflow will then start only after clicking the confirmation link in the confirmation email.

  • My only issue is that you cannot (or I haven’t found where you can) see the subscribers in the automation queue. Otherwise this is a fabulous feature.

  • Cool because I published a book today called How to Blog. I am going to try workflow number 3 here. Thanks!

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  • Hi –

    I really like using Mailerlite. I’m wondering if you might one day add place buttons that say “yes” or “no” or “maybe” for folks to use within Mailerlite that make it easy to collect responses from people? I’d love to see something like that.

    Thank you!

  • Cory

    This is great! MailerLite is definitely a keeper.

    Can’t wait for tags to be implemented, so we can have a full marketing automation solution.

  • Hal

    I’ve been using MailetLite for one month and I’m in love with everything about it. EVERYTHING. I used to be an Aweber and Mailchimp client and MailerLite is the best of them all. Simple to use, many features and constant updates. Thank you

  • Cecilia

    Is there a way to pull someone out of the flow, as there was with the old autoresponders?

  • Thank you for the update !!

    If I can give you an idea for the future : I need my workflow to start on a specific day of the week. So that, whenever I add suscribers, they don’t receive any mail before monday. That would be great for me to have that feature, so I can definetely leave Mailchimp and be on Mailerlite full time !

    • Hi Anouk,

      This feature will be available very soon. You can check “Product Updates” page in your user menu for updates.

  • Wow, Mailer lite. This is great. You guys have made email marketing and automation very easy. Keep up the good work. But what about the cost of this service?

  • You are AMAZING, guys! Thanks, a lot!

  • Dave

    i’ve been using it all day long…. its REALLY easy to use…. it’s very powerful and allows you to really send ULTRA targeted automated series to the exact people you want.

    2 things I’d ask for in a future release…

    #1 – is now the conditions/workflow activity (like if they clicked a link) has to be done on an email by email basis… so if you have a large series of emails (I have 31 in my main series) you have to apply the condition to EACH email one after the other…

    which is a big time consuming.

    It would be awesome (and much more efficient) if we could apply that type of condition to the ENTIRE workflow series.

    #2 if you apply the condition and mess it up and there are emails UNDERNEATH, you can’t remove the condition without removing everything else under it. which means if you mess up, you will lose the rest of the workflow. so some way to remove the condition without it affecting the rest of the workflow created would be UBER helpful.

    but overall the system is very sharp… there is NO lags… everything works quickly.

    Looking forward to getting my series setup, contacts imported and turning my new account “ON”!

    • Hey Dave!

      Thank you for your insights!

      Drop me an email (, maybe we will find some space for the improvements there :)

  • If I turned off my existing old autoresponders in order to create new automation workflows, would people who were in the queue to receive the old autoresponder still receive them? Presumably there’s still a ‘send to existing group provided time hasn’t passed’ sort of option when turning on the new automation workflow, but I want to be absolutely certain that I won’t be accidentally sending everyone duplicate emails because they were queued in the old autoresponder.

    • Hi Melanie!

      If old autoresponder is stopped, people won’t get the emails.

  • This is a GAME CHANGER given your existing pricing structure and the fact it is available to users on the free plan as well! I think Mailerlite has now well and truly arrived and is ready to play in the ‘big league’ against some of the most established competitors in the industry. I am very excited for you…and also for myself as a user! Do you plan to increase prices given this new automation feature?

    • Michael, thanks! We don’t have plans to increase prices anytime soon or charge additional for the automation.

  • You guys are just the best! I’m so excited about these new workflows and I hear tagging is coming next. Keep up the amazing work!

  • So, I just made it to Mailerlite after having spent a year somewhere else.

    I was already quite impressed, but this makes me want to sing!

    It looks easy and is perfect for my needs.

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Thank you for this great feature, case B is a perfect method for me and i expect to have increase in sales by using it!

  • Great! You rock!

  • Janet Beatrice

    While this is a good feature, you jumped the gun by failing to give us time to update the old autoresponders and no warning about the fact that we could no longer add to them. This is a problem for me. I just tried to use this and there is no apparent way to send a test email – that is crucial! I am trying to use it to continue a series that i already started but it is not sending out the email I just created, even though the delay time has elapsed. And when I asked it to make the delay 37 days after subscribing, it is saying it will send it ‘a month” after subscribing. I hope that it is really going to delay it by the exact number of days requested but it’s hard to tell when it says that.

    This looks like a very good new feature, but I believe you rolled it out too quickly, without allowing us to keep using the old system for a period of time, without warning, without explanation on the site itself, and with some bugs (like not being able to send test emails) that should have been worked out before making it the only automation option.

  • When you wrote “If there was no click on that link, repeat the workflow for several days. Add a Delay of 1 day and add another Email and Condition.”

    How do you repeat the workflow? Maybe I’m stupid and didn’t see how to bring the arrow back up the diagram?

    • Hi Ambrose,

      In order to edit the workflow, first please make sure it’s turned off. Then, simply use the ” + ” icon to add a delay and repeat the sequence.
      If you have further questions, please contact our Support.

  • Ideal for children
    I’m really new automation MailerLite interest. I think it would be awesome if:

    1. Improved “delay” and our users recieve emails you the exact day week (for example, Monday)
    2. Drag and drop design during Workfolws. This will help us to easily reorder emails sent.

    MailerLite always go ahead. I love it :)

  • When creating an Automation, can you clarify the delay times. I set up Email 1 to go out immediately. Email 2 goes out after 5 days. I want the next email to go out two weeks after that five days, so Do I say my delay is for 14 days or 19 days. My emails are to go out every two weeks, so I’m hoping I am setting this up right and not sending everything all at once!

    • Hi Nicole,

      It should be 14 days in your case. The delay is counted from the last step, not from the beginning.

  • Adewale

    This is such a great development for users of mailerlite and it’s a step in the right direction. Now mailerlite is gradually moving to full automation.
    I have been considering ActiveCampaigns because of these type of functionality but now I have another reason to stay with mailerlite.

    Well done.

  • This is VERY helpful MailerLite Team. Couldn’t thank you enough. The tagging functionality is one of the features I’m longing for and you got it in a few weeks from now.

  • This is absolutely amazing!!! I was soo close to moving to another email service because of this feature and they brought it!!! Mailerlite just got a new lifetime user :)

  • mark

    Is the old automation still functional for corrections and testing?

    It would be nice to have video tutorials for new Workflow automation as well as showing the possibilities that are available under the new Workflow automation – it’s difficult to understand what can be done with the new automation.

  • It’s like the gates to the heaven gods just opened! I don’t even remember the old automation feature!

  • Ilma Nausedaite

    Mark, we will release the video this month.

  • thanks guys for the workflow,
    I have a question though about the condition if my subscriber does not take my desired action, say open my email. is there an action that I can use to resend the mail to him/her instead of the other actions such as “mark as unsubscribed”

  • Paul,
    Yes you may. You can add an email underneath the condition if the subscriber does not take the desired action. When you add the email you can create it by choosing “sent emails” and choosing automation. Then you can insert the same exact email as you already created. If you have any other questions please contact us via live chat or by emailing us at

  • This feature is something I craved the most. Thank you! This one is a real game changer!!

  • I love this and have been waiting for it.
    When will you come up with a feature where we will be able to tag a subscriber if they do an action in the automation workflow?
    That would be awesome. :D

    • Hey!

      Tagging feature will be launched in March. Stay tuned :)

  • Sharon NDiaye

    Hi! This is great. I’m confused how and at what step to add my optin when I get new subscribers. Can you help?

  • Libor

    Hello there,

    There a note in the post above that you can “target subscribers based on previous purchase history”.

    How exactly can I do this within MailerLite? I’m trying to figure this out for past few days without success. I must be missing something :D

    Basically, I want to automatically add a contact onto the buyers list after purchase.

  • I am using this feature and it is fantastic.

  • Reto

    Hi there!

    Any sign of the tagging feature? Keep up the good work!

    • Tagging is already in process and should be introduce in a few weeks.

  • I can’t wait to get into this feature! Lots of possibilities!

  • Debbie

    I’m new to mailerlite and set up a welcome workflow for our new patients. Occasionally we have to edit the content of the initial email for a particular patient before we add them as a subscriber to activate the workflow for them. My question is, will editing the initial workflow email trigger resending the same email to all subscribers or will it just go to the subscriber we just added?

  • Maria

    Is there a limit on number of workflows?

    • Maria, you can create as many workflows as you want.

  • Link Triggers – Curious how this will work like ConvertKit. Right now, after someone signs up for something, I send them a welcome sequence and give them the option to choose topics they are interested in based on the links in the email (which send them to new tags or segments). Can I do this and how? I’m trying to figure this out.