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September 24, 2013
Image is a powerful tool to convince your customers to act. Let’s say you are selling plane tickets to Nice in France. What will you include in your newsletter? Price. Date. And… Photo of sunset in Nice. That will greatly help your customers to imagine what they can get if they purchase the ticket. It’s much easier to sell sunsets than flight tickets, right?

What can you gain if you include images in newsletters? To help you get started, I collected a list of 10 awesome examples from MailerLite customers who use images to add something new to their email marketing:

1. Use images if your product/service is visual!

Example – MauMau newsletter:

Newsletter example Maumau

2. Use images to share good news

Example – Manor House Hotel newsletter:

Newsletter example Manor house

3. Use images to stand out and get recognized

Example – Marc Johns newsletter:

Newsletter example Marc Johns

4. Use images to set the mood

Example – Point Seven newsletter:

Newsletter example p7

5. Use images to be seasonal

Example – Primitive Blessings newsletter:

Newsletter example Blessings

6. Use images to engage with your readers

Example – Stimulus newsletter:

Newsletter example stimulus

7. Use images to appeal to your readers’ senses

Example – INSINC newsletter:

Newsletter example insync

8. Use images to help to support your message

Example – Porto City Guide newsletter:

Newsletter example oporto

9. Use images to show personality

Example – Aiste (Ice-Ta):

Newsletter example Aiste

10. Use images to ask questions

Example – Learn Photography:

Newsletter example Learn Photography

Want to learn more?

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Need inspiration?

Take a look at our Pinterest gallery full of inspiring newsletters with images. And include the image that presents your tone, message and personality in your next newsletter. Good luck!

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