Images in email newsletters

August 17, 2016

Image is a powerful tool to convince your customers to act.

Let’s say you are selling plane tickets to California, USA. What will you include in your newsletter? Price. Date. And… A photo of a sunset in California on a sandy beach. That will greatly help your customers to imagine what experiences they can get if they purchase the ticket. It’s much easier to sell sunsets than flight tickets, right?

What can you gain if you include images in newsletters? To help you get started, I’ve collected a list of 10 awesome examples from MailerLite customers who use images to convey a message to their customers.

1. Use images to illustrate your product/service

Example – Deep Wear newsletter:

Deep Wear Newsletter Example

2. Use images to share good news

Example – Tiny Heirloom newsletter:

Tiny Heirloom Newsletter Example

3. Use images to stand out and get recognized

Example – Marc Johns newsletter:

Marc Johns Newsletter Example

4. Use images to set the mood

Example – Barn Images newsletter:

Barn Image Newsletter Example

5. Use images to be seasonal

Example – Primitive Blessings newsletter:

Primitive Blessings Newsletter Example

6. Use images to engage with your readers

Example – Limeapple newsletter:

Limeapple Newsletter Example

7. Use images to appeal to your readers’ senses

Example – QuotesGram newsletter:

QuotesGram Newsletter Example

8. Use images to support your message

Example – Think Clearly newsletter:

Think Clearly Newsletter Example

9. Use images to show personality

Example – limeSHIFT newsletter:

limeSHIFT Newsletter Example

10. Use images to ask questions

Example – FreeYork newsletter:

FreeYork Newsletter Example

Some useful resources on images

One more thing…


Some email providers don’t display images by default. The readers only see the ALT text (it’s short for “alternative text”) attached to each image. It’s the text that explains your readers what the image is about. But you may get more creative and use ALT text as CTAs.

Don’t forget to add ALT text when you create an email. Here’s how you can do it on MailerLite:


Editor’s note: This post was originally published in September, 2013 but has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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  • Marat

    Nice examples!
    Could I also use .gif files as images, right?

  • Thanks a Ton, really loved this, i m sure this should help a lot.

  • Marat, you may use gifs as well. People love them.

  • Quite helpful! didn’t know about ALT text. Thanks for sharing. Also, I would be happy if I can also have ‘Anchor Text’ feature in emailers (esp. helpful for the longer ones)

  • Gerry

    Thanks for these posts – they are truly helpful for the technically challenged among us!


    Si lo veo muy interesante, poder enviar correos llamativos, bonitos, presentables

  • James

    can i embed an image so whether a mail service blocks a dl link the image will still be displayed?

  • James, you can’t do that. If someone doesn’t want to see the images, he/she won’t see them

  • Jim

    Great post! I am just getting started with Mailer lite and like what I see so far! Does your system size change the size of the image inserted automatically or should that be done prior to entering the image into ML when creating an email? I need to know if my images need to be under 200kb to be better for emailing?? Thank you!

  • How do you insert a picture without it resizing the photo? I’m trying to use the software for our newsletter but I can’t get the photos to properly display. It keeps cropping the edges of the photo automatically

  • Dylan, if there is block with 2 or more images, those images should be the same size.