Grow your email list on Facebook

March 9, 2015

Facebook is a great platform to grow your email list. This is why we updated the Facebook app.

It takes a minute to create a signup form on Facebook. You don’t need any designer or developer for that.

1. Create a signup form that you want people to see on Facebook


2. Choose Facebook integration


3. Login to your Facebook account


4. Press ‘Add webform to facebook’


5. Choose the Facebook Page and the signup form that you want to use.


That’s it. You are done!

Now write a post to let your Facebook fans know about the opportunity to get an email from you (you may post about it from time to time).

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  • I liked!!!

  • boris

    How can I change background of the form? I’ve already emailed you about this missing feature and you didn’t change anything… so why this post?!

  • I would like the same for linkedin please :)

  • Ilma

    Boris, you will be able to change the background of the webform at the end of the week.

  • Ilma

    Susan, you may put a link to your sign-up form in Linkedin.

    Click “Edit Contact Info”. Choose “Other” from the drop-down of website type. You may name it “My newsletter” and paste the link to your sign-up form.

  • Hello, thank you for this interesting article. Do you provide a standard template for survey the way you presented them :
    (1) question
    (2) multiple choice answer


    • admin

      Hello Baader, at the moment we do not have a standard template for survey, but our designers can do a custom made email for you.

  • a bonin

    i get ”
    You have to create a Facebook page first
    You have no Facebook pages created to add MailerLite webform or not granted required privileges”

    i have many facebook pages.

    • Hi there.

      Facebook changed their policy about permissions. Now we got approved. Please disconnect and login again with your facebook account. Make sure you accept of giving us “Manage pages” permission.


  • admin

    Sure, you can. Do you use MailerLite? Go to MailerLite’s integrations at It’s super easy.

  • I’m trying to get my sign-up form to get to the top of my FB Page as shown in this article, but all I get is that you can click on a heading in the same row as “Time Line”, “About” and so on… Also it places itself in the left column under Applications. What can I do to get the form to show att the top of the page?

    • Julien

      Hey Ann, don’t hesitate to reach out our support team at We’ll be happy to assist you with that :)