9 reasons you should use GIFs in your newsletter

June 1, 2017

Animations are everywhere nowadays. It is widely considered to be the best way to attract attention to your brand or to market your product online.  Animation and movement allows for content that is interactive, visually engaging, and can hold the user’s attention longer.

Today I want to talk about why and how to use GIFs in your newsletters. There are great newsletter examples for inspiration, and links to tool of GIF creation.

1. Movement Attracts Attention


Numerous studies show that we are attracted by movement. Movement attracts human attention much faster than still images. That’s why it’s a good idea to grab your customers attention instantly when they open the newsletter.

If they’ll like the GIF they will be more prone to read the whole newsletter.

2. People Watch Them Till the End


Usually GIFs are short. People expect that. And that’s why they are more keen to watch it to the end than average video. It doesn’t require dedication and your readers are more likely to remember the message.

3. GIFs Are Really Popular Nowadays

In recent years, GIFs have established themselves as one of the most trendy communication forms on the internet. And people love it. GIFs are used in conversations, as reactions on social media, even in work environments. We sure love to use GIFs in our conversations within the Mailerlite team!

So keep up with the trends and speak to your customers in their own language.

4. Stand Out from the Competition

Despite the popularity of the GIF, not so many marketeers employ it in their email marketing. So there is still some space to stand out! So an email with a lovely GIF will have much bigger visibility than its competitors.

5. Show, don’t tell


GIF is really handy when you have lots of products to show. Instead of creating gallery of pictures you can show everything in one GIF.

It can work wonders when you have to explain a complex product. Movement tells more in smaller amount of time.

6. Show a short snippet of your video


Do you have a video? Use MailerLite video block to use a GIF in your newsletter. Just paste video URL into the editor and animated image will be create. It’s a great way to show a snippet of your video and attract people to watch more.

7. Most Email Clients Support GIF

Majority of email clients will display your animated GIF properly. Sad exception is only Outlook.

In Outlook the first frame of the GIF will be displayed. So make sure that frame can be meaningful on its own.

8. Use a GIF for the CTA (call-to-action)


If you’re sending out an email with a clear CTA, GIFs are a great way to give your readers an extra push towards that action. Use animation to show them where to click, explain them how the CTA works, or simply persuade them into performing the CTA.

9. You can easily find or create GIFs

If you’re not able to create your own GIF, there is an abundance of stock out there that you can use.

Try out easy to use online services:

Do you use GIFs? How does it effect your click-through rates? Share your experience in the comments.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in November, 2013 but has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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    nice one. i’ll be considering using gifs

  • marcelo

    gifts gifs. but must be do it with attention, to does not ‘heavy size’ on kb.

  • Thank you !

    I’ll put the гиф in the letter and see the resultс

  • tola

    first link doesnt work

    • Tola, thanks. I’ve corrected it now.

  • Melissa Saneholtz

    Will this affect how the emails are delivered? For awhile it seemed that graphics were throwing emails into spam.

  • thank you

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  • Love this. I started using GIFs in my emails a couple months ago. Staggering response in click rates! :)

  • Though sometimes it is a bit hard to edit and fit the GIF file in topics, but yet GIFs work better than anything!

    طراحی وب سایت

  • Bogumila

    Hi! How can I upload my gif in newsletter…. Unfortunatelly seems that is not possible. I insered my gif link, from giphy but doesn’t work!

    • This deserves an answer, as it seems far fetched from non-technical people.

    • Ignas Rubezius

      You just need to upload the GIF the same as you would upload any other image.

      • Bogumila

        Thank you! It works!

  • Melanie Lichtinger

    gifs sound fun and creative and attention catching. how do i make sure the newsletter with a gif doesn’t land in the spam filter, or worse: i could get banned by sensitive spam filters…
    thx for hearing me, awesome ml team!