11 Experts Share How to Succeed in Email Marketing in 2014

December 18, 2013
dj waldow

DJ Waldow, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Marketo, and a writer, blogger, speaker, co-author of The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing, co-host of The Work Talk Show, @djwaldow:

Email will continue to evolve as we move through 2014. I see marketing automation providers playing a larger role in providing the technology to make messages more personalized, more targeted, more social, and more relevant. Marketers are getting smarter about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. The technology exists to make this happen. 2014 is the year where people catch up with technology!

Joe Oricchio

Joe Oricchio, Jr., Executive Consultant and Business Coach at Talisman Consulting Services:

List building via video and content marketing will continue to become more innovative with need for more savvy and effective landing / “squeeze” pages and content marketers will need content to be far more relevant to the individual and even customized on the fly.

Sebastien Cochard

Sebastien Cochard, CEO at Pimwi:

I think “one to one marketing” is a big trend for the next years. Now, we have customers in front of us and not consumers, consequently, mass marketing is less and less appropriate. Content is king, and social networks are really an opportunity for all companies to improve their visibility.  

Gabriel Nechita

Gabriel Nechita, Growth Lead at PadiCode:

I think behavioral targeting will be huge in 2014, especially in collecting subscribers and leads, as email marketers will want to improve the ROI of EM.

Michael Rasmussen

Michael Rasmussen, Product Marketing Manager at inPowered:

A return to content in it’s truest most trusted form.

Rachel Foster

Rachel Foster, CEO at Fresh Perspective Copywriting, @CopywriterTO:

With the growing popularity of content marketing, B2B marketers are looking for better ways to engage customers. Many companies that have been telling the same story for years are going to look for new ways to tell their stories. They will try to explain why they are relevant and do so in a way that isn’t boring. This means we will see more creative and fun B2B marketing in 2014.     

Miguel Valle-Inclan Lapido

Miguel Valle-Inclan Lapido, WSI Partner, owner of eMarketing&Consulting:

The noise and the massive and intrusive Internet advertising (especially the bad publicity) cause lower conversion rates and marketing campaigns should be better and more creative.

Brad Patterson

Brad Patterson, Intercultural Communicator, Community Manager who is happily that sticky glue between people and ideas:

2014 will be the year where content marketing becomes more important than social media marketing, where Google+ goes mainstream (and hopefully you’ve capitalized already by getting your community there early), and where big data, user-friendly analytics and A/B testing will also become mainstream growth-hacks that even very large companies will adopt (and of course that every startup should already have been rocking out).

Luca Martino

Luca Martino, Marketing Strategist & Web Marketing Manager presso Cubeyou:

In 2014, finally, Big Data Analytics will not be just a fad, but a powerful strategy in both big and medium companies. Optimization of every activity in digital marketing, thanks to Social Data, will create a perfect equilibrium among customers needs and market offers. 
Finally, marketing will be less aggressive and more customized, thanks to the huge amount of information that companies can have about their targets, especially on Social Networks.

Alena Aniskovich

Alena Aniskovich, Web Designer & Developer at Autotegrity:

With powerful database platforms and analytical tools email strategy will provide more tailored content and sophisticated experience to their customers engaging them in continuous flow though multiple channels (email campaigns / website / Twitter / Pinterest / etc.)

Timothy G Robbins

Timothy G Robbins, President of MoBiT Marketing Systems: 

Business are going to be able to control customers buying with customized reports based on key marketing analytical stats from custom broadcast and custom video send directly to each person who comes within 1000 feet and elect to hear what the merchant has to offer. Big things are rolling where business owners can not only have customers doing their social media and even potential customers with rewards for being social.

Final Thoughts

What is the secret formula of doing successful email marketing in 2014?

+ Create useful content. Give and then ask.

+ Personalization. Use data you have and test test test.

+ Think mobile first. How? Get to know more.

+ Use images to communicate or support your messages. How? Get to know more.

– – – – –

Good luck! And happy New Year!


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  • gauri

    Hi Ilma . need your help on how to increase the click rate on emails. Since the emails are now being categorised as social and promotional. Hence people avoid opening them on mtheir devices.

  • ➡ Ilma Nausedaite

    Gauri, I would suggest to pay more attention to conversion rates than open rates. Did they really get smaller after gmail introduced tabs?

    Then play with different subject lines. Try to stand out in inbox. Try to use numbers, symbols, names (if you have them). Finally, create REALLY useful content in your newsletters. For example, if you have clothing eshop, write about latest fashion tendencies, include images or even videos.

    You may find some practical tips here: https://www.mailerlite.com/ultimate-guide-for-email-marketing

  • Gabriel

    Thank you Ilma for the feature in this article.

    People interested in using behavioral targeting to collect more email leads should check out Padiact http://padiact.com