Customer support with love: how and why we do what we do

March 21, 2018

When you shed all the layers of a successful organization down to its core, you will always find the same thing — human beings interacting with and respecting other human beings.

Many of today’s businesses operate online, which can sometimes disconnect them from their actual customers. This is a recipe for disaster unless you have a customer support team that truly cares about customers as people and works hard to create a positive, lasting impact.

Here at MailerLite, offering customer care with love is paramount to our company values. It is our goal to fully support every customer as much as humanly possible! But sometimes that is easier said than done.

In this blog post, I chat with other members of MailerLite’s support team to find out what they think are the most important factors in creating a customer-first company culture that is built on support, efficiency and respect.

Our customer support manager Karina


What is the most important thing to keep in mind when trying to provide outstanding customer support?

It’s not enough to know your product well. You also have to be a positive and happy person if you want to provide outstanding customer service. You have to genuinely like people. Otherwise, it will be hell for both you and your customers.

How do you deal with everyday challenges and upset customers?

Imagine yourself in the other person’s position, be empathetic and try to offer the closest workaround.

For people new to the world of customer support, what is the one piece of advice you would give?

Start work in a great mood. I like to read something inspirational or uplifting 15 minutes before work. Try putting a photo of your family having a meal together in your workplace to remind yourself that it’s not your boss who pays for your food, but your customers!

Michelle from our Customer Support


What is the most important thing to keep in mind when trying to provide outstanding customer support?

This is a general rule in everyday life, but it also applies to customer support — people just want to be heard. It doesn’t matter if they are happy, worried, angry, confused or excited. They want to express their feelings and find a solution. Make sure that before or after you address their question, concern or comment, you acknowledge why they reached out and reassure them that you hear them. This shows people that you are taking their problem seriously. It gives them a feeling of comfort.

How do you deal with everyday challenges and upset customers?

Put yourself in their shoes. It’s not enough to just say, “I am sorry” or “we apologize.” That is too impersonal and dismisses the issue too fast. A better approach is to say, “I can understand how that must be frustrating for you. If that happened to me, I’d be upset too.” Try to make that statement as personal as possible. Remember, most people just want to be heard. Even if you don’t agree with their anger, just acknowledge what they are saying and give them a solution or the closest thing possible. This way, you can make an angry client calm down first and then continue with a less heated conversation. Don’t ever rise to the customer’s intensity level. Take a deep breath and keep “hearing” them.

For people new to the world of customer support, what is the one piece of advice you would give?

Customer Support is often seen as a low-level job that is easy or not too important. However, it is much more important to a company than most people realize. We are on the front lines and we hear directly from the customers every day. We know what their biggest issues/struggles/hopes for the future are. Make your job matter. Don’t just answer questions and then move on to the next chat. Share info with the rest of your company, write down ideas, share improvements, follow up with customers, ask what else they need, etc. Go for Customer Success, not just Customer Support. That is what creates loyal customers ☺

Tomas from our customer support


What is the most important thing to keep in mind when trying to provide outstanding customer support?

I’ve learned that no matter how long, short or difficult the question, you need to approach it with the most basic steps. The best solution that yields positive results is to be kind. For good practice, I often try to nitpick and question myself while explaining and writing down an answer for a customer. This helps me stay one step ahead and prevents further misunderstandings.

How do you deal with everyday challenges and upset customers?

Like one of my all-time favorite bands, Depeche Mode, sings, “Try walking in my shoes.” You need to be empathetic. Walk in your customer’s shoes. We all know the feeling when something is not working or you can’t understand something. It is frustrating. Remember that feeling when facing an upset client. Be friendly. It helps defuse the situation.

For people new to the world of customer support, what is the one piece of advice you would give?

Before work, do some exercise or take a power nap. Just 10 minutes is all you need to restart your nervous system and be on point. Check in with your team to see how others are doing. It might give you answers to future customer questions. Be friendly to your teammates. Who are you without them? Just an ego against the world.☺

Main takeaways to ensure the love flows in your customer support team:

  • Understand the mindset of your customers and be empathetic.
  • Mentally and physically prepare yourself before work starts to be positive.
  • Hear what customers are trying to say and ask for further clarification when needed.
  • Offer the best solution or closest workaround.
  • Go above and beyond to show people that you care and that you hear them.

Be human, be real and support with love.

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  • brittmalka

    Sounds good :) Who doesn’t love human support?

    How is your policy regarding affiliate promotions? Is it allowed to promote products that are sold through WarriorPlus and JVZoo for example? I’m asking, because I was shocked to find out that a place like Elastic Email doesn’t allow it. So now I don’t take common sense for granted anymore.

    • Ignas Rubezius

      Thanks for the question!

      We allow affiliate links only if they are related to your content and useful for your subscribers.

      However, we don’t allow using MailerLite in cases where affiliate marketing is the main business and random different products/offers are sent to subscribers.

      • brittmalka

        That sounds fine with me :) It’s not for myself. I have a self-hosted autoresponder. But my a lot of my subscribers aren’t technical and they prefer a hosted autoresponder. It sounds like I can tell them safely about MailerLite.

  • Actually been helped by team introduced here. Nice to “meet” them in person, keep it up ;)

  • Hans J.A. Dekkers

    Excellent role-modelling. Your team is truly an inspiration!

  • Jürgen Engel

    Very inspiring to read, I love how you focus on Empathy and understanding! And I can report from my own experience with your customer service: It’s absolutely outstanding! The speed, kindness and efficiency with which I get help is unmatched! Pleasure to work with you!

  • Pedi Matthies

    I really appreciate you lot anyway. Even though i´m just a “little fish” working on my dog-supplies business, you treat me and my questions with great concern and sincerity. It´s very motivating to know there are real people on the other side of the chat-button and not bots!

  • Andrew McGrath

    Thanks so much for your kind, wonderful words guys! Really means a lot to all of the team here at MailerLite.

    We do our upmost to help you grow and support you and your business :)

  • Rob Maskell

    My interest is making it possible for any person to continue in this uplifting way. The thing that will take anyone down is ignoring their own emotional state and reactivity during each session with a customer. If you can do this, and you can, try to be the observer of self and just take a few notes about your emotional state and talk and feel this out with some one after work or during a break. The aim is to find the cause of the reactivity and it is usually buried. Feeling the reactivity is the door and the pathway to the cause. So the take away is this > do not become emotionally shut down and become a service zombie but open up more and more as you discover more and more of your emotional self. Freedom awaits. Last point, the default setting of a mind, any mind, is joy, peace and love flowing. If you slide out of this state you will know and can start looking into it all.