Crisp & clear images in high-definition displays

December 7, 2016

We are happy to announce that MailerLite is now ready for high pixel density displays! It means that your newsletter images can now look crisp & clear on Retina and other high-density displays.

Understanding Retina and high-definition displays

“Retina” is a marketing term, first introduced by Apple in 2010, during the launch of iPhone 4 to refer to their high pixel-density displays. Since then the term has been adopted worldwide.

These high pixel-density displays have twice as many pixels per inch than their traditional counterparts. Basically, if you want your images to look good on these screens, they need to be twice as large.

Doubling the amount of pixels means that there’s enough pixels for Retina screens to display when images get scaled down in the email.

How will it work in my newsletter?

It’s actually very simple, you just need to upload your images with 2 times higher resolution and we will take care of the rest.

In our templates or drag & drop editor, you can see that all image blocks have specific pixel dimensions.

Retina images for Email

In this example the maximum width of the image is 540px. So if you want this image to look great on Retina display you should upload it in 1080px resolution.

Here’s how it’s going to look after uploading a high resolution image:

Retina images for newsletters

Now you can see both, the resized dimensions of your image and the original or natural size of the image uploaded.

Nothing changes if you upload images in normal resolution just like before.

Logo block in the Header

All images in our newsletter drag-and-drop editor have maximum width, except the Logo image in the header. In this case you will have to manually select “Constrain image dimensions by 50% for high-definition displays” if you upload your logo in 2x resolution.

Retina logo in newsletter

We hope this update will help you build even better email campaigns with images, that look beautiful on any screen. Let us know how you like it in the comments below. Thanks!

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  • Thank you for your great job.

    The image in high resolution is very cool.
    You have a very comfortable constructor.
    I am pleased to read the news on your blog, please write more often.

  • I’m new to mailer lite (just a couple of campaigns under my belt) and unsure how the image re-sizing works. I’ve never resized my uploaded images – I’m guessing that the program resizes images when I drag and drop them into the email? This way we’re never obliterating inboxes with huge images on email? Would like some clarification on how this works. Thanks!

    • Yes, MailerLite will resize your image and you won’t be sending huge size images to your recipients. Now with support for Retina images we just increased the resolution to which we resize your image. For example, the most popular image size in MailerLite is 540px width, so if you upload let’s say an image with 2000px width we will resize it to 1080px (to look good on Retina screens it has to be 2x the size).

  • Very much liked the way explained above how retina display is an advantage when reading newsletters over the device.
    Images used in the post are really shot amazingly. The text appears crisp on retina display and the design is easy to understand for creating newsletters.