The Christmas templates are here!

November 5, 2017

After Halloween it’s time to start preparing for the holiday season.  Use Christmas templates to create a holiday mood in your email marketing campaigns.

How to find the new template?

As for all our templates, you can find them when creating a new campaign. Select campaign type, enter a subject and a sender, select your campaign’s language and move forward.

You will notice the tab Template Gallery – click it and search for a templates called “Present”, “Christmas Eve”, “Letter From North Pole”, “Ho Ho Ho”.

Check them out and choose the one that you prefer. They’re all beautiful!


Once you select a theme, you can customize your campaign. We have designed this template as an announcement so that you can send a stylish Christmas Greeting to your readers.

Can I customize it?

Absolutely! Add your logo on top, change the main image, edit the text content and update the footer block. You can even add your video to a campaign by using our video block. 

We hope you enjoy this template and surprise your subscribers with a beautiful newsletter.

Have a lite Christmas with MailerLite!

P.S. We have also added new Christmas themes to our drag-and-drop editor – don’t forget to check them out!

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  • At the Header part you’ve limited the logo options, I’ll have prefer logo+slogan.

    The look is seasonal great job

    • Mantas

      Hi Ayodele,
      Yes, we have a bit limited options for this specific template :) Hope you will enjoy it!

  • very nice templates. thank you MANTAS ♥

  • I’m new to Mailerlite this week but loving the Christmas templates. I just wish there were more!

  • Bairapaga John

    Thank you for Christmas templates. Just now I received it.

  • krikri_by

    Many thanks! Just in time )

  • Christine Welsh

    I love the Christmas season, so I think this is great. I would also like to see something for Remembrance Day too. My son is serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, as an Infantryman, and it would be great to send out a newsletter with a theme for us to not forget those who have and are serving so we can continue to enjoy the freedom we have. We celebrate Nov. 11th.
    Also, is there a Thanksgiving theme? Though we celebrate ours in Oct. It would be nice to send one next fall. There is always reason to be thankful.

  • Alkesh

    It’s wonderful way to connect with your clients or subscribers on festival season :)

  • mayakirana

    Hi – thanks for the Christmas templates. I am not sure if you have many Asian users but wonder if MailerLite can create some templates like these but for a more Asian audience who are celebrating their own festivities such as Chinese Lunar New Year, Diwali, Eid etc.? This could actually endear ML to more users in Asia. ;-)

  • Ana Maria

    Thanks very much

  • TNX! Just in time )

  • I look forward to using the new templates. I get the nicest looking emails with you guys!

  • It’s amazing templates!