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Why should you care about your company’s culture?

Meet our developer Arunas. Last fall he took 4 weeks vacation to walk 900 km in Camino de Santiago, Spain.

What happened on the nightmare Monday?

We made a mistake and lost some important data from Automation Workflows. We’re truly sorry.

I’ve planned 5 workations. Here’s what I’ve learned.

MailerLite team just came back from 5th workation. We spent 10 colorful days traveling & working in Morocco.

How to manage a remote team

At MailerLite 16 out of 30 team members work 100% remotely. Wonder how things get done?

7 steps to find the right people

We don’t have an HR department. So we try to make the hiring process as efficient as possible.

Why workation is the best way to motivate your team?

Looking for the best way to motivate your team? One word, workation.

Living with 17 co-workers in Bali, not counting the child

In 2015 we decided to work and live in Bali. Here’s a story of pros and cons of the team retreat.

5 books that changed our business

Books can inspire to make the biggest business decisions. This is exactly what have happened at MailerLite.

How can you reinvent customer support?

A year ago we started an experiment. Once a month everyone works with support…